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Now those that have followed our recent issues, would assume that we have taken a liking to female vocal bands. This is in fact not true, and a reality that guess what guys, the women are kicking our ass. Case in point Mahavatar, a band that will most likely continue to rise until they reach the status of metal lords. Rising through the hard streets of New York Mahavatar has made a huge dent in the world metal community. They have fire, passion and a love for the genre that translates directly into their music. The intensity and emotion in this music will jar you to your metal soul. I love the transitions that this band uses to emphasis points and drive a stake into your mind. The music transcends from metal to mystic but bites kicks and claws better thand any hardcore band out there. If you are like me and until recently have not heard of Mahavatar check them out. This is not your typical band and they will bring a new fresh sense of inspiration to your catalog. You will not be in the least bit disappointed I would guarantee it. Check the video player and throw up your horns for Mahavatar! We recently caught up with the band, whom are working on the material for their new album. Check out Skip's interview below.

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Mahavatar Interview

1) Who first "set you off" musically? (each of you) janis joplin, ozzy, led seep...

2) What's the biggest named line up you played with? the dilinger escape plan, pig destroyer, body count...

3) What/who inspired the song"CULT" ? personal general experiences and the need to claim power back.

4) What are the bands future tour/ recording plans? we are currently recording our new album "RISE FROM BETRAYAL" , touring will be set up to intro the new album and hopefully will include as many cities here and around the world as possible.

5) What's the air speed of an unladened African swallow, accounting for a 4 knot cross wind? (I'm a "smartass") what did the swallow eat before the flight ?

6) Anybody married w/ kids in the band? that depends on what port we are in.

7) Have any of you ever been arrested? (if yes, please elaborate; alot:) (each of you) well there was a couple of incidents, one such rowdy behavior i recall involving knifes at a bar and another incident of which my lawyer strongly advices not to elaborate on.

8) What's the worst place you've ever played and why was it the worst? there was one place in mid town new york. the crowd consisted of a bunch of people that had no education about hard edged music.
we were just not made for each other.
9) Ever had women get naked at your shows? (Just curious) just topless

10) Which do you favor; the .357 Magnum or the .44 Magnum? (there's a reason I ask, both are good answers)(each of you) 44 magnum for sympathetic reasons and the grip suits me during recoil.

11) What's your favorite genre of music other than that which you play? (each of you) anything that has soul

12) How long have you been together? mahavatar was formed in 1999

13) Got any groupies ? ;) yes i live with one that can be counted as 5 due to the personality disorder.

14) Anybody ever thrown up while playing? i personally have never checked the barf bags laid out on stage. thanks Lufthansa.

15) Ever had to defend yourself onstage? no, i like to keep my pistol grip exposed

16) When's your next gig and where? focusing on making the album well let u know

17) What's the bands "Motto/Battle Cry" revolution!, independent thought, and freedom of choice.

18) When your new album be released? we are shooting for january/febuary keep checking our my space for info please

19) Anything you wish to add that is not covered in these questions (Mission statement/Battle cry, etc.)

look for our album RISE FROM BETRAYAL and buy it! buy another issue of this magazine hang the cover in your locker/garage and save one for the collectors value.


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