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Well, "HELL YEAH" is how this one starts out. We have had a banner stretch in reaching the OMH's (Original Metal Heads), as of late.


Though we have the utmost respect for the "pinnacle" bands in the genre, Our taste tends to lean towards those bands that have not suffered abject and absurd wealth and consequently, never stalled in their evolution.


They are the bands that are hardworking, hardcore, and over the top (on many occasions). The kind of band that would still enjoy eating the rich over a Sunday BBQ, even if they were bleeding rich themselves.


It's the higher respect I held for the top Enlisted Soldier, vs. the West point Officers I served with in the military. MACHINE HEAD is such a band and it is reflected in their sound and presence of performance. I felt "The Metal Passion" as I listened and took note to be able to recall that feeling after the show was over.


As I said, of late we have been able to be in contact with this branch of the art-form and we are very grateful. MACHINE HEAD, simply put, KICKED EVERYBODY'S ASS inside THE VALARIUM, this past Sunday night, in Knoxville, TN.


What freakin' energy filled performance. MACHINE HEAD has been around for the better part of 2 decades and the experince shows, while NO signs of burn out exist.


The music and performance show the true "love of the game" this group has and that, to me, is what this whole (METAL) thing is all about. It was apparent to me that, when it comes to "fuse lighting", these guys are from the original "self starter bracket" and , as a result, easily light the crowd up, and into a frenzy from the very first chord.


YES, I loved the headliner at this show, but this was the band I went to see. We're happy to bring you this photo spread, featuring the work of Todd Renierio (TEQUILA PHOTGRAPHY), Pete Rector (PETE RECTOR'S ROCK PHOTOGRAPHY), and of course, in the interim, some of my work as well.


Check the following interview with Robb Flynn. If you have not experienced MACHINE HEAD, you have a BIG HOLE in your METAL !!!!!! Get out and catch'em while they making the rounds with MEGADETH, or catch'em on the next available opportunity.

HB Skip


I would like to thank ROBB FLYNN, MACHINE HEAD, ADRENALINE PR and all the other people that helped make this interview possible and the concert access possible, especially BOZ, their eminently cooperative and patient TOUR MANAGER . This interview is not word for word, but very accurately depicts the exchange between Robb and Skip.
Q: Why do you think it is that some of the media/critics decided to have a go at y’all for the addition of rap styled lyrics to your music?

A: The Fans were FOR IT !!! That’s really all that mattered. Don’t really know why some in the business of reviewing( NOT DOING) had objections :o)

Q: Is the story about you guys garnering some funds for your first Demo thru the drug trade true? That’s Balls and resourcefulness !!!

A: It’s just possible that there is some truth in it, I’m sure. The promotional marketing in the past has had multiple facets of funding, from the "Sticker Campaign" thru all. What ever it took or takes !

Q: Now for one of our stock questions. Who are the craziest bunch of Mfs you guys ever toured with?

A: Let’s just say that PANTERA truly lived up to their reputation. DIME BAG was one truly off the hook MF in those days (and still would be today).( That whole band/project was "off the hook", eh?)

Q: In my study, I noticed that your previous incarnation, VIO-LENCE disbanded amongst an altercation with an actually GANG. What was the back story on that?

A: As you said, We did have that situation. Adam tied into a member of a gang that wanted us to cease and desist being a band. In the end, it was the end of VIO-LENCE. (Irony) :o)

Q: What was it that made Y’all pass on the other labels that shopped you, yet go with Road Runner?

A: It was a "vibe" thing. They were the one’s that offered us the most as artists. They gave us the best licensing deal too. We own our masters and publishing rights. That’s HUGE !!! (A square deal from a label says all great things about them, that’s why Me and Moe are ROADRUNNER Fans).

Q: What was it like playing in DUBAI ?

A: It was awesome. The place is Las Vegas on the beach. Brand New infrastructure, newest in the world for an entire city. We’ve played there twice and to crowds that are every bit as enthusiastic as any of the western countries in which we tour.

Q: And how about WIMBLEY? (U.K.) That’s one massive stadium.

A: That was a trip. MASSIVE crowd. We opened for METALLICA and the scene was "mind boggling". There was a 500 foot (circumference) pit in front of the stage. One of a kind experience.

Q: So, any inside info on who will be accompanying you guys on the 2010 HATEBREED associated tour?

A: A couple of names come to mind. BLEEDING and ALL SHALL PERISH will be there. I’m sure there will be some line-up additions/adjustments along the way as well.

Q: What’s the word on any upcoming albums/ recording projects?

A: We are headed into the studio after his tour ends. It will be an album. No name yet for the album.
(Skip: I’m sure both th album and title will be no disappointment)

Q: So, who’s tickling your ears these days? (HillBilly Translation: Who are ya listening to ?)

A: Been into GALLOWS and GREAT BRITAIN; Which is punky but very metallic. Great stuff. People should check’em out.

Q: What kinds of activities do you guys engage in to keep ya from burning out on tour?

A: We get in a good ration of Movies, some partying :o), and some of the normal road pursuits like working out and and HANGIN" WITH THE FANS ( Skip award 5 STARS) !!!!!

Q: Just gotta ask this one. How have you kept it goin’ all these years as so many have come and gone in the interim?

A: It is the LOVE of it all. We are passionate about the art to the point that it is literally "IN OUR BLOOD" (and the common statement from most all time/long time greats; IT’S WHAT WE DO !!!

Thanks Robb !!!!









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