This here is what we really love to do ! We're saying that because this band, LUMINOTH, has TALENT and they are from OUR MOUNTAIN TOWN ! LUMINOTH is a

Heavy, Progressive, Alternative band and we've kept "nearly"crossing their path just about everywhere we go.

Well, it was time to fix that "nearly" crap. There's but one reason this "running across" can happen and it's simple...they are WORKING and PLAYING and doing both very well.

The sound has a ripping, hard, rowdy sound and the vocals blend perfectly to suit. We were glad to be able to catch them in action, right here in town.

We "just about" encountered them all over the place, like Chattanooga and Johnson City, so much that we were not sure where they were "from" at first.

That's what I mean about WORKING. These guys don't just have what it takes onstage, they are hard working at the practice of "Getting it out there".

This is an essential to the success of most every band we've seen climb the ladder, Keep it up guys. The energy from this band is relentless and they have great stage presence and audience relation as well.

LUMINOTH has played in support of such acts as DROWNING POOL (Good fit) and have been in the line up for the VANS WARPED TOUR back in 2009 and word is. ...they are on the slate for the upcoming VANS WARPED TOUR 2011 !!!!

If you get the chance to catch these anywhere in the Knoxville area (or any area), GITCHOSEF out and witness LUMINOTH !!! :o)










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