Lordi By Hillbilly Skip


Time for Halloween folks. We at the Twisted Hillbilly got in the spirit by covering  Lordi. The show was at our favorite venue, “Blue Cats Live” in K-Town Tennessee.As per usual the house was full and brimming over. It was an unusually electric atmosphere as many had not even heard of the Finish band Lordi and what a treat they got. This band was started in 1991 and has had few line up changes when one considers the length of time they have been together.. Even if you knew the original line up, the costuming was something that would have made ya “not care” that anything had changed. Inspired by KISS and a few other acts, they gave a great show. The afore mentioned costuming was elaborate. Though many compare them to GWAR, the bands music differs greatly from the Chapel Hill crew of former Drama students that comprise GWAR. It is simply enjoyable and understandable and not nearly as grotesque in presentation. Don’t get me wrong; the bands appearance is shocking, but they don’t spray you with goo every ten seconds, and their musical subject matter is far more digestible. There is one point at which a bloody chainsaw, wielded by the lead singer”Mr. Lordi”, does gush onto the crazed crowd, but it is fun and amusing, as well as being non-staining. The music is raw 80's styled metal and the lyrics are understandable and positive.

In the past, the band has suffered the nomer of “Satanic”, but as with early Black Sabbath music, someone was simply not listening to those lyrics. Songs like “The Devil is a Loser” (and he’s my bitch) would hardly be considered supportive of the outcast Arch Angel.  As well, “Hard Rock Hallelujah” could be more in line with a Christian theme. Not that I find them entirely Christian, but you see my point. The band has enjoyed European fame as the winner of a “battle of the bands” type show that is produced out of the E.U. called “Eurovision Live”. The also hold a Guinness Book record for the worlds largest sing-a-long for “Hard Rock Hallelujah”. Some 90,000 fans took part in that one. So, even though many here haven’t been witness to their fame, very many Europeans have. In short, they are neither new,  nor a second tier act. My partner in crime, “Hellie Mae” didn’t bother to watch them play and I personally think she missed something that was entirely entertaining. As well, she deprived the band of seeing something of  beauty; HER. If you ever get the chance to see them, it’s worth the ticket price. They are presently touring as an opener for Type-O-Negative and are coming to an arena/club near you. Look them up on Myspace ,or check out their entries in Wikipedia or  Encyclopedia Metallum for more in depth information . This Hillbilly thinks they are a fun act with a lot of tenacity and stamina. I’m still amazed at how they held up in those very elaborate costumes, when one considers the heat that is generated in smaller venues. I was sweating in short sleeves and I’m just shooting pictures. Get out this season and catch them if you can. As for me, I would see them again if they showed up in our neck of the woods.
Keep It Metal