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Lazarus A.D.



Lazarus A.D.

Lazarus A.D.

Lazarus A.D

Dan Gapen - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Jeff Paulick - Bass/Lead Vocals
Alex Lackner - Rhythm Guitar
Ryan Shutler - Drums

Origin Kenosha, WI

This week we got an early listen to the new album from Lazarus A.D.

Released on March 3rd "The Onslaught" is a wickedly progressive thrash album.

With thundering transitions and cage rattling thunder this album will be a must for true whiplashing metalheads. I hope you enjoy a listen to some live Lazarus A.D.

Also Check out our Interview below

Lazarus A.D.




Lazarus A.D.

You guys live by the motto Thrash or Die. How did that evolve individually or as a collective mind?

We all grew up listening to thrash metal. Through writing "The Onslaught" we knew how much of a thrash album it is. Thrash is really a great style of music. It encompasses a lot. Live by thrash or die! It's funny to think because we don't want to be pigeonholed as a thrash band, but we are. We'd like to be thought of as good songwriters. We just so happen to play thrash, and like it a lot.

This album “The Onslaught” for you guys has been labor of love and a long time coming. Tell us how it feels on the dawn of its release from Metal Blade. *Note folks this is one of the most wicked thrash metal albums to come out in ages and is 100% hillbilly approved*

Haha. Yeah it definitely took some time and much effort, but is oh so worth it. It's one of the greatest feelings to know that our music can now be heard by the world over. Now it's just a matter of spreading it to all those people. And it will be. It is quite an amazing album isn't it?

There were a lot of different engineers on this album, tell us what it was like during the recording process?

Chris was the initial engineer. He took care of the original recording and mixing. For the re-release James Murphy took care of mixing and mastering. It was a great time working on this album. We basically had everything as tight as possible. We had practiced our asses off before we hit the studio. Once we got there we had two weeks to finish. We had a lot of one takes deals. When we weren't recording we were drinking, smoking, and eating some of the flamest taco dip known to mankind. Haha. Oh and the bathroom constantly smelled like shit, due to that ruthless combination. Working with James was an honor. We've been fans of his for a long time. He really knows what he's talking about when it comes to this shit. There would be times where he'd go off on these rants about recording and we would have no fucking clue what he was talking about, but he'd then turn around and explain them. So we gained a bit of knowledge from his enthusiasm.

You guys stormed out of the frozen tundra with a fire, how different is it now playing to such a broader audience?

Really not much different. They're just new faces. We still go out and kill it like we normally would. It's all about a good time when you hit that stage and it should be the same way with the audience. Why are you at the show to begin with? To listen to some fucking good tunes. Oh and to drink beer and throw people around. It's a lot of fun. Some of us haven't been to certain areas of the US which is an awesome experience when we're able to. None of us have been to Europe, but soon enough. And that's going to be something more of an experience. We can't wait to play to such a large crowd.

I know many of our readers are excited about the upcoming tour, is it different preparing for such a long scale tour both mentally and psychically.

Yes definitely. We've done two week stints here and there but nothing at this caliber. So we are looking forward to it. We have a lot of it planned out already, places to stay, the crew we have joining us, etc. I think the awe will really hit us when we actually hit those stages. Amon Amarth can surely draw a crowd. We are really prepared for it though. I mean we've wanted this for so long and here it is. Let's show everyone what we do.

What's it been like to be able to open for some of my childhood heroes such as Testament and Anthrax?

An absolute honor. We played direct support for Anthrax and opened for Testament. Both are such great bands. It was really cool mainly because these are bands that we've been listening to for a long time. Being able to share the stage was truly amazing.


Which do you favor; the .357 Magnum or the .44 Magnum?

.44 Absolute Power mother fuckers!

What's the air speed of an unladened African swallow, accounting for a 4 knot cross wind?

Well first you have to take into account the weather. If it's hot out the air is thicker causing the wind to move slower. If it's colder generally there are no birds. So...if the cross wind is at 4 knots and depending on when the swallow became unladen, meaning shit out its load, I would say buy each of us a twelve pack and we can continue talking from there.

Lazarus A.D.


THRASH OR DIE is the motto Lazarus A.D. have lived by since day one and their no holds barred attitude is equaled only by their will to become a leading force in modern metal. Their supreme level of creativity, musicianship and professionalism makes them an electrifying and engaging live act.

Lazarus A.D. formed in the frozen tundra of southeastern Wisconsin in the spring of 2005. Dan Gapen (guitars/vocals), Jeff Paulick (bass/lead vocals), Alex Lackner (guitars), and Ryan Shutler (drums), redefine the phrase “alcoholism and aggression” in music. They subject metal heads to furious nights of head banging while drinking venues dry. Have no doubts that Lazarus A.D. is a thrash band, but merely in attitude as their sound is no simple throwback to the 80s bay area sound. They breathe a breath of fresh air into modern thrash with intelligent, memorable riffs, thrash breakdowns, mid-tempo grooves, and high-flying solos.

In a few short years, Lazarus A.D. has accomplished more than they had ever expected. In the small city of Kenosha, WI, the fire began to spread quickly. Fueled only by a free three song demo, the band played as much as possible and landed a big break in the summer of 2006 when they had the honor of being direct support for the legendary Anthrax in Milwaukee. They continued to tour the midwest throughout the summer and fall and finally began work on their first full length album in January of 2007. Recorded and engineered by Chris Djuricic (Soil, November’s Doom, Michael Angelo Batio) at Studio One, and mastered by James Murphy (Death, Testament), The Onslaught was a force to be reckoned with. The band hit the road again and stretched out as far as Denver, CO. The guys even managed to land the opening slot for Testament in Milwaukee on August 1st, 2008. The buzz about their live performances continued to grow. It wasn’t long before Lazarus A.D. was approached by Earache Records for an upcoming metal compilation. Last Breath was one of the 16 songs chosen to appear on Thrashing Like A Maniac, and they were the only unsigned band on the entire compilation! In the spring of 2008, Lazarus A.D. received a call from Metal Blade Records, and a short time later, their deal had been inked.

The Onslaught was originally released by the band and only 1,000 copies were pressed. The Onslaught has since been completely re-mixed and re-mastered by James Murphy and is set to finally see a worldwide release through Metal Blade Records. The future has never been brighter for Lazarus A.D. and a rigorous touring schedule is in the works. Expect to hear their name a lot more in the coming months, and as always, be sure to THRASH OR DIE!


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