Last Day Here

by Moe

Photos by Rok Trzan





I listen to a lot of music somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 bands per week, but every once in a while a band jumps out at me and screams for attention. Out of the depths of Celje, Slovenia comes such a band known as Last Day Here. They recently sent me a copy of their debut release "From Pieces Created" and it is solid from the first second to the last. The CD begins with a raging song entitled "Burning Inside". It has a hard metalcore sound mixed with melodic guitars and



ripping drum lines. What makes this song, and the band as a whole unique however, is the clarity and depth of the lyrics. The band approaches deep subjects with an strong intesity and an ability to pour soul and emotion into their music; they throw all their body out and expose their vulnerability while expressing rage, sadness, optimism and pessimism. With this the band holds both the ability to crush the alternative radio charts and still pound you with metal riffs.




The CD then transforms again with the second track "Never Coming Around". This song has great harmony with crisp guitars, and a driving background. Again "ready made" for alternative radio, this song will hit you square between the eyes with both ripping lead guitars and vocals.




Finally the climax of the CD in my mind is the powerful 8th track called "Standing in Dark". The song approaches darkness and loneliness with soulful vocals, and a crushing background. It is by far one of the best songs I have heard from a new band this year.

There was not one song on this CD I did not like and I can tell you honestly that this band will be around for a long time. You owe it to yourself to pick this one up and give it a long listen or two!

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