Korn- Are you ready!!!

The last time we saw KORN was Atlanta back in August, 2007. It was a banner festival that introduced us to some bands that have really risen up the ladder since, like FFDP, who was at that time, playing a “D” stage at 3:00pm in 107 degree heat and Trivium, who had just barely made it to the main stage as an opener. Things have changed since, in a lot of ways, but one thing hasn’t; KORN is still a worthy head liner, just as they were that day. This show was in Nashville, on Friday February 4th at the Bridgestone Arena. For a second time in 8 days (and ever) that Moe and I have gone into a major city without taking a wrong turn into the “wrong side of town”. A MIRACLE :o) We have been blessed with our choices of venue and we will be continuing in our associations with both BRIDGESTONE in Nashville, Tn and RUPP in Lexington, Ky. We would like to thank the fine people at the Promotion firm as they have been ever so gracious and helpful, even in a pinch :o) The line up was a true harmony of artists that opened up with IN THIS MOMENT, rolled onto SEVENDUST, the DISTURBED and topped off with KORN (just the way Hillbillies like it). It was an energy filled performance that featured many of the old favorites like “Freak on a leash” (my favorite of their expressions). The set was minimal in contrast to the former stage show we witnessed. Not lacking at all, but scaled down with one central feature, the drum set and highly customized riser. The rest was done with a killer backdrop and lights. I mean lights everywhere! This band has not lost their edge in the least , over time. The fans were stirred into a froth just as in the past events and the energy seemed to show no decline. It was interesting to see the new incarnation of KORN, without “Head” onboard, but the dynamic seems to have suffered little, if any at all. We watched as they pounded out several numbers from their vast discography and they carried them all off the way TRUE PROs do. If you get the opportunity to se the MUSIC AS A WEAPON tour, Gitchosef down to the local “Big House” arena and see this. It is a Metal Memory to keep for all time.















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