Killswitch Engage

Killswitch Engage

Jesse Leach
Mike D'Antonio
Adam Dutkiewicz
Justin Foley
Joel Stroetzel

We were excited to finally catch Killswitch Engage in town this week and it was worth the wait. Reunited with original vocalist Jesse Leach who has been absent for almost ten years, they brought the classic Metalcore sound hard and fast.

It is hard to believe it has been over 11 years since "Alive or Just Breathing" debuted. The classic pounding mixed harmony sound which would be the staple for all the years to follow.

This was a course to their groundbreaking self titled debut which featured "Soilborn" one of my all time favorite Killswitch songs. This was a sound that would spawn a whole new generation of metal bands in a up and coming genre.

The band made their biggest impact with the follow up "The End of Heartache" in 2004 and would go on to trademark this sound with Howard Jones as the front man. In January of this year Jones would depart the band after many great albums. It worked out that Leach could return thus bringing back the original Killswitch sound.

They still continue to bring their trademark in your face metal that has endeared them to our staff. We were as happy as a pig in a poke to finally get the catch the phenomenon live. Of course we would be remiss to make mention of Adam Dutkiewicz's trademark attire as he held down some classic leads. It will certainly go down as one of our favorite concerts to date.

If you have a chance do not miss this band or you will regret it! Many thanks as always to Skip who endured some good water dousing to bring us all the action.





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