Tale of the Tape

Location: CHICAGO, Illinois

Intensity: Raw Fucking Power!!!

Stamina: Chicago Street Tough and Ready to Fight Pit Bulls!

Usual Suspects:

Stev, Norbert, Larry, Eric

Wrap Sheet:

As you can imagine I spend a lot of time surfing and listening to bands. This month I ran across a unique band hailing from Chicago, IL that is skull pounding fantastic. They play a mix of hardcore and metal that pounds and scrapes its way into your adrenaline glands. They as any decent Hardcore band should do, make me want to go smash some hard objects with my bare bumpy hillbilly knuckles.. It is an absolute certainty that you should check this band out. We will be following them here on Metal Mountain for many months to come!


If you don't like Killmedia you can kiss my bumpy hillbilly ass!

Cecil Sizzlin





In the year 2000, on the south side of Chicago, long time friends Paul Mika, Norbert Bujanowicz, and Stev Gonzalez drew straws to decide who would play what instrument in the band they were going to form for the love of music. After writing a few songs and going through a few different names the group came to an agreement on the name ChlamyDia. After playing with a few fill in drummers for a while they needed to find a drummer that would fit them better. After a few try outs, the group met Eric Chu in mid 2004, they knew Eric from the past bands he played in such as Savius, Remember In December, and Tañio. In between gigs the band found time to record minor material to circle the Chicago metal scene. In 2005, new to the concepts of audio recording, Paul Mika recorded what would be the bands first established demo. Due to family issues Eric was forced to leave the band. The group went on hiatus. Paul went off and started a new band, XII Gauge, where he met Larry Herrera. But the band disbanded after a few short months due to the fact that Paul missed playing with the guys from ChlamyDia. He contacted the rest of the band in attempt to get back together. After a year of laying low and getting family life in order Eric was once again ready to join the band. A new edition to the band was made by picking up a 2nd guitarist. Changing the four piece band into a five piece. guitarist Larry Herrera joined the band in the summer of 2007. They then decided one more change was needed, changing the name. Many suggestions were made, but in the end, KILLMEDIA came out on top, it seemed to stand out and represent the band the best. In the summer of 2008, Paul Mika decided it would be best for him to part ways from the band. With a new feel and new approach towards song writing the bands provides a sonic blast of massive and crushing riffs, racing beats, pounding drums, banging bass, surging vocals.


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