Kentucky Headhunters

These guys go back to 1968 folks, so there's no limit to what I can say :o) However, in the best interest of your time I shall be as brief as possible. KENTUCKY HEADHUNTERS started, in their first incarnation as ITCHY BROTHER. It was in 1986 that they began performing as KENTUCKY HEADHUNTERS and the band was indeed, a Band of Brothers ! Two from the YOUNG FAMILY, Richard and Fred, along with Greg Martin and Two of the PHELPS clan, Ricky Lee and Doug.

They have had some change ups over the years and are still a very solid and tenured band consisting of 4 of the original members (Greg Martin, Richard and Fred Young and Doug Phelps). These guys are and always have had ROCK tied to their name since day one, though they clearly struck a chord in the Country Community. The best one can get them to "cop too" is Country Rock ! These guys put up 4 top 40 songs in their career and a number of awards and recognitions. They've BEEN THERE !!! and still ARE !!!!

It was a great pleasure to get to mix with the assortment of iconic people at the event and these guys, along with Artimus Pyle Band, showed real class and enthusiasm in dealing with the Weather and the Fans soaking wet spirits...(Though many barely noticed the 60 mph winds and Hail). The band is likely best known for the Hit "Dumas Walker" which was played on every Country Station in the country and a good amny live bands spreading the word as they covered this tune "in the day" and still TODAY! Like I said, a polished, tight, experienced band with a great attitude, what more could one hope for?

Well, as for this writer, NOTHING ! They entertained the crowd and me as well as can be done and overcame some adversity to do so. Just look at the water they are standing in on stage and you'll know what we mean. We are proud to bring you this spread and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did getting it for ya :o) Oh, by the way, that's WTNQ 104.9's (Lafollette, Tn) MUSTANG SALLY giving you the "Sweet Hello" look at the start of the spread. Special thanks to you, Mustang Sally, and your organization at MOMENTUM BROADCASTING for helping us love what we do the more :o)

Bull Horns

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