Conceived in the fall of 2001,KAEMON began as an oppurtunity for three brothers to indulge their love of abrasive music by creating their own vehicle for their vision of rage and hate.Consisting of WILSEN RIVERA on Lead Vocals/Bass,WILLY RIVERA on Guitars/Vocals and LEO RIVERA on Drums/Percussion,KAEMON would initially take inspiration from the likes of CELTIC FROST,ENTOMBED,BLOODLET,BOLT THROWER and BLACK FLAG.They would soon develop their sound by combining the melody and atmosphere of black metal,the brutality of thrash,the riffing and groove of stoner/doom metal and the lyrical imagery of late 90's metalcore innovators OVERCAST,INTEGRITY,STARKWEATHER and COALSECE.KAEMON released their debut offering,"Enigma",in 2002 and followed it up with two more full-length releases and a ton of live appearances in a 2 year span.By the time they released their "Preaching to the Inverted" ep,the band was falling apart from inner tensions and musical differences.The band would play it's final show opening for thrash legends OVERKILL in April of 2005,hammering the final nail in the band's coffin.Deciding to go out with dignity,the band members went their seperate ways.WILSEN would concentrate on his already active alt-rock PANDORA'S BOX project,WILLY would go on to co-found the doom metal outfit LORD and LEO would leave the scene completely to get married and concentrate on his career.In the fall of 2006,the brothers would get together to once again find common ground and to resurrect the band.KAEMON had not only found a new sense of purpose but a new found rage that they had only hinted at on their earlier material.With the most intense material to date,KAEMON entered SNIPER STUDIOS with VINCE BURKE of BEATEN BACK TO PURE at the helm in Dec. of 2006.BURKE had been making a name for himself by having recorded SOURVEIN,HAILHORNET and WILLY's current band LORD.Recorded in just 2 days,"When Kingdoms Burn" was not only their most brutal work but a ferocious call to arms against bastardized religion,corruption and the false metal that seemed to be infesting the market.KAEMON have delivered their contribution to the already overpopulated metal scene and plan on moving forward with JESSE PUGH of DECEDENT/GRAETHOR who'll be replacing LEO RIVERA who left the band permanently to raise his newborn daughter and enjoy his marriage and burgeoning career.Finding the time needed to bring the beast back,WILSEN splits his time with death metal crew SANGUINUS for which he plays bass and WILLY contributes scorching guitar to black metal side project GRAETHOR while LORD is on hiatus.Back with a vengeance,KAEMON are ready to work on a new record and get back to playing live once again,more bloodthirsty than ever.






















































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