Those that have followed our issues for the last several months know that we are fascinated with Australian metal. This month we bring you Kaamora a band that will kick your teeth out Aussie style. They have the thrash, the power and the tenacity to beat their way into the hillbilly hall of fame. These guys are the real deal and they setting their sites on world domination so take heed all you week humans and behold Kaamora!

Cecil Sizzlin


Kaamora is a band that love the phrase “if you want something done right, do it yourself”.

Sitting in their tiny studio in Ballarat, Victoria, Kaamora record their music using a budget “Topp pro” mic and one of those microphones you get with the Singstar playstation game, onto a rented PC that needs the occasional ‘Fonzie Manoeuvre” (eyy)  to keep it running.

“Why do they record like this?” you ask?

Well, it all comes down to experience, and lack of money. Kaamora’s 5 members have a rich music history, and consist of musicians from Girl vs Ghost, Make Shift Manner, Greenstick Fracture, Stop Staring and Rising Flag. And they know studio time is expensive, and would rather spend hours getting every single note perfect than cutting corners and playing something easy. Because ‘easy’ has been over-done, and Kaamora was formed to write music that is interesting, complex and inspiring.

Besides, government welfare payments in Australia are a pittance, and we all know that you can’t perform inspiring music in a bland, professional, soundproof studio. No, you need the empty beer bottles, the overflowing ashtrays and the chilliness that only a small room in a down-market rental house can provide.

Perhaps the members of Kaamora are obsessive, maybe a little too confident, or maybe they’re just stark raving bonkers, but you just can’t argue with the quality of the music that comes out of that little room.

And while you would expect low quality music and graphics from a bunch of dole bludgers with crappy equipment and a lot of free time on their hands, listen to what they’re producing and you’ll soon be headbanging your fucking brains out.



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