John Stallings

I've had the pleasure to get to know John Stallings over the past year and what I learned is that he is a Talented and Genuine Man with a Dream and a Quest. I recently covered him at a T.V. performance sponsored by CIDERVILLE MUSIC, up here in the Mountains. John's from right cheer in our own back yard and we wanted to give "Props" to a Fella that has the drive and is willing put in the miles and do the work! That's what we look for in EVERY artist we cover. 


Collard greens piled atop pinto beans
Hearts laced with pain. 
Tin roofs in the rain. 
Havin' it all -- or nothin' at all...

That's what you'll hear from John Stallings

No fancy tuners. 
No make-believe crooners.
Just a song from his heart on his sleeve.
Soulful. Sincere. Falls soft on the ear.
In pain or in joy, we can count on our boy --
He's keepin' the country in music.

Keepin' the country in music
John Stallings has been keeping country in his music as long as he's been eatin' greens and pinto beans. Growing up in the Tennessee Valley, he was raised in the planet's cradle of " real" country music -- the kind you don't hear a lot of anywhere else in the world. 

John's sound is a unique and nearly-extinct blend of Smoky Mountain bluegrass, Nashville honky-tonk, and Memphis blues that tugs your heartstrings like a well-mannered banjo -- or the memory of your first heartbreak -- or maybe of your last kiss. Wherever it hits you, you'll know where it comes from:

For more information on John Stallings and his music, please visit his website at


Nominated for ICMA country video of the year “The Other Side of The Moon”
IMN Network #3 hit single
Nominated for ICMA New Country Artist of The Year

OurStage Magazine 2 top tens and top 100 with a 3rd place in November 2011
Stoney Blue Music Group












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