A Evening with Jesco and The Whites

Jesco and The Whites

Hey Y'all. Just guess who we ran into (on purpose like a MF) at ACE HIGH TATTOO in Knoxville , Tn. ( a DAMN GREAT PARLOR !)

Well, thanks to our Friend STORM TAYLOR of ONE EIGHTY MAGAZINE we got to spend some quality time with none other than "The Dancing Outlaw" JESCO WHITE and his Sister , the Biggest and Baddest of the White Family, MAMIE WHITE. T

here were also a couple of others from the WHITE FAMILY of Boone County, but for their privacy we will leave the mention here and with salutations for them; really gracious people.

The pictures will show you the awesome work of a Tattoo Artist and proprietor and the dedication of a couple of real FANS. Our buddy STORM TAYLOR of ONE EIGHTY MAGAZINE (shameless plug) had arranged a promotional give away of a FULL SIZED "HEADER" tattoo of the movie poster for "THE WILD AND WONDERFUL WHITES of WEST VIRGINIA", to any willing Fans of JESCO and the WHITE FAMILY.

He anticipated a light response because of the scale and permanence of the TATTOO. HE GOT 26 TAKERS !!!!!! includedd in the pictoral are those 2 very dedicated fans and just plain COOL PEOPLE from up Kentucky way.

Make sure if ya got any need fopr INK that you get down to ACE HIGH TATTOO and "get it ON" Y'all enjoy the spread and be lookin' fort he premier spread comin' in the next couple of days.

HB Skip


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