Tribute Page To Jesco White

I have read quite a bit around the Hillbilly Headquarters in the last few days regarding Jesco (Jessie) White. The consesus on Metal Mountain is that Jesco is definitely our kind of twisted hillbilly. For those that do not know the story, Jesco White rose to somewhat of a cult status with his phenominal movies, Elvis inpersonations, and dancing in the mid 1990's.



This culminated on a guest appearance on the Rosanne show. Jesco would later return to his non- celebrity life with very little to keep other than memories and a used riding mower. Later his wife would leave him and his single wide trailer in West Virginia would burn down.

Jesco was said to have three personalities which each appear in his documented films. He was known as Jesse who is reported by his wife at the time as a sweet man. He was also known as Jesco who would later appear on videos as bitter and violent. Finally there was Elvis and what else can I say.



I am placing this page on our index so that we can collect history and pay tribute to a man that is part genius and part devil but a whole lot hillbilly. We want to spend some time to really get to know him.It seems that the media has done quite a bit to use Jesco which is not our intention rather we offer a salute to a man that ultimately did not change who he was regardless of the exterior circumstances.



Special thanks JescoFest youtube!


Keep checking back as we will be archiving some of the history, the legend, the man and the Twisted Hillbilly known as Jesco White.