Jamey Johnson




It was a Throw Down for sure....Willie Nelson's Throw Down Tour in fact, and one of the real draws for Moe and I, was JAMEY JOHNSON. I first became familiar with his work as it was the closing theme music for a theatrical performance with which i was involved, as a member of theater troupe.


The song (In Color) really struck a nerve in me, because it dealt with the stories behind a box of Black and White photos being sorted through by a Grand Father and his Grandson. I am of the last generation that had their early lives documented in Black and White photos, so it (the song IN COLOR) held yet another special to me. I then became aware of the rest of his work and found myself staring right into the realm of a true purveyor of Outlaw Country.


His songs and attitude are edgy and rebellious at points, a feature we Hillbillies appreciate greatly. His intro onto the stage is one example. Over the sound system we heard the pre-recorded sounds of footsteps walking down an industrial/institutional hallway and then a Man's voice saying (to some effect) these words, "Mr. Johnson, you are hereby released and from this point forward you may proceed in your life as a free man".....and then he walks out onto the stage....COOL , I thought :o)


Then he went through his repertoire with passion. JAMEY was one of the FEW "newer" County Artists that just set me off from the first piece of music I ever heard from him. It was a true pleasure and honor to get these images for Y'all. Enjoy!


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