We recently got a sneak peak at Invicta's new ep "Split By the Sun" which is currently slated for full production this summer. Invicta is a very different band which brings both power, and intelligence that is lacking in many bands in the progressive genre.

Hailing from Nashville, TN the band which came together in a dorm room, blasts out a much more melodic fair than most of the bands we cover. They do however mix this style with raw energy which will crack open your skull. This mixture highlights the extreme of each side and comes together brilliantly.

I hope you will kick back and check out the preview below and check back as we will be bringing more from this great band including an interview as we move toward Issue 25.




Invicta began quietly in a college dorm room, guitarist/songwriter DJ Adkins and singer Mike Schii both combining musical talents and influences to create a sound clearly distinctive from the stagnating confines of the metal genre as a whole. Complex melodies and multi-faceted harmonies reminiscent of Alice in Chains combined with intricate guitar riffs in the vein of Between the Buried and Me, adding crushing breakdowns influenced by metalcore staples like August Burns Red to round things out.  The final effect was a style of metal that could be many things to many listeners; brutal for the heavy fans, melodic and beautiful for critics of metal, intelligent and multi-layered for the sophisticates, and meaningful and uplifting for those awaiting a message.

God’s Hand was at work in and with Invicta, soon after completion of the group’s first set of songs adding both Theo Carnavos’ intensely technical proficiency with the bass, Michael Thompson's talented skill with the guitar, and Bryant Lowry’s progressive mastery at the drums.  The only things left to explore are exciting prospects for the future.


Our influences are diverse, spanning genres ranging from funk and jazz to classical, to progressive and metalcore.  Influences include Mudvayne, Between the Buried and Me, Alice in Chains, August Burns Red, Sky Eats Airplane, Pat Metheny, George Bensen, Chic Corea, Godsmack, Disturbed, Slipknot, Korn, Deftones, Symphony X, It Dies Today  and many others.

We aim to be the bridge for the average listener between what they see as unfathomably complex technical prog and boring commercial metal; a music that the musician can appreciate for its intelligence and intricacy, but, simultaneously, a music that the average listener can find compelling, engaging, and interesting.

D-J: Guitar/Backing Vocals
B_LOW: Drums
Schii: Vocals
THE_O: Bass
MIKE-T: Guitar

None, as of yet.  Work on Invicta's EP "Split by the Sun" will begin in Summer of '10.


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