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Horseshoes & Handgrenades, a power fisting, pile driving, full metal jacket round, that hits you square between the eyes. This band is harder than the V8 powered chain saw. If you don't like their tunes, you probably don't like metal or you are an ex girlfriend! We have taken a long listen around Metal Mountain, to the bands new EP. Let me tell you there is not a song on it that lacks a pair! This is by far one of the best bands that we have run across in a long time and they are storming across the Southeast US taking no prisoners and leaving no stone unturned. Do you have the courage!!

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Photos By Koma Photography


Photos By Koma Photography


Josh Hurt- Wide range of Shrieks, Growls and Melodies
Carl Wohl- Driving Rhythm Core tones, Backing Vocals
Alex Wohl- Leads, Harmonizing Master
Kevin (GoGo) Morris-Bass, uses of Fingers, Pick, and Slap
Nick (Leatherface) Jones- Drums, Mutilation
Dedicated, Hardworking, Talented, Reinventing

Horseshoes & Handgrenades is Cincinnati Metal. Pride in what they do and what that represents, is the driving force behind this head turning five-piece band out of Ohio. Formed in 2007 founding members Carl, Josh, and Alex laid the foundation for what defines the music that transcends any genre metal fans have created. Drawing from elements of Speed Metal, Hardcore, Trash, and even Hard Rock. The band fumbled through obscurity, but not aimlessly. Then they found their answer; adding Nick Jones, and Kevin Morris in 2008.

If you like your singer to be as monotonous as Nathan Explosion move on…Vocalist Josh comes through the mix at all times, in all ways. Guitarist brothers Alex and Carl deliver blazing riffs with inhuman syncopation. “Gogo” uses a Swiss Army Knife of bass techniques and tones to always keep the low end moving. Drummer and Necrophiliac Nick uses years experience in both Jazz and Marching Band, but its his love for the macabre and deranged that fuels the metal battery that pumps high octane supercharged American Metal.

Since the new line-ups conception in April, they have opened for National Acts: Straight Line Stitch, The Autumn Offering, Occams Razor, Saint Diablo, Arsis, Estuary, and Abigail Williams; and local legends Milkweed and Misery Rising. Now, with their full length album in the works, and help from Trans-Fusion Entertainment they are ready to take things to another level..


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