Horror of 59



I enjoy terror rock better than just about anything out there due to its exploration of the dark catacombs of horror themes. Cleveland, Ohio's Horror of 59 is an awesome punk, metal band that captures the genre in a blasting storm of pure in your face rhythm and scream. Now as a long time Misfits, Samhain fan it takes a lot to impress me in this category and this band has definitely captured my attention. Check out the horror, punk slamming tunes of Horror of 59 you won't regret it.

Moe Hillbilly



Horror of ‘59 first crawled out of their graves and onto the Cleveland music scene in September of 2004 with an aggressive yet melodic blend of punk, rockabilly, metal, and garage rock, a perfect match for the band's twisted tales of terror and titillation.  The group was founded by brothers Deke (drums) and M. Balmer (guitar) and rounded out by Tommy Horror (bass) and Bob Noxious (vocals).  In October of 2005 they released their debut album Screams From the Cellar on Sonic Swirl Records. 


Shortly after the release of the album Horror of ‘59 underwent a major shift in their lineup.  M. Balmer left the band while Deke switched to bass, Tommy Horror moved to guitar, and new drummer Brent Bastard joined.  Bob Noxious continued to handle the vocal duties, but in many ways this was an entirely new band.  As this lineup wrote new material and revamped old songs their sound became more complex and varied while still remaining true to Horror of ‘59’s bloody beginnings.


The ultimate result was the release of the band’s second album The Golden Age of Sin.  The album was co-released through Cleveland-based Shark Attack! Records and My Mind's Eye Records and features eye catching cover art by renowned artist Mitch O’Connell.  


Since the release of the album Deke has left the band, but not before he picked his own replacement in the person of Jimbo Hissem (formerly of the Slack Jawed Yokels).  Finally, to add even more raw power to this musical monstrosity, the band has recruited second guitarist Tommy Roulette (Hammered Pants Off, The Rub Offs).