Honky Tonk Hustlas

Tale of the Tape:

Honky Tonk Hustlas

Location: Montgomery, AL

Intensity: Southern Twisted Psychobilly Extreme!

Stamina: On the way to the Psychobilly Hall of Fame!

Usual Suspects:

AKA- T Junior on vocals, Jarrad Glober on Upright Bass, Grady Vickery Guitar, Violin.

Wrap Sheet:

Well friends as you know we launched the Twisted Psyhcobilly Magazine this month and it has increased our determination to find the best Psychobilly around. Such is the case with the Honky Tonk Hustlas from Alabama. This band has a great traditional psychobilly sound with a new twisted philosophy and a couple six shooters to back it up. These fellas on on the verge of a rise that we cannot wait to see. Check them out or we will release the blue tick hounds to hunt you down!!!






The Honky Tonk Hustlas are a Montgomery, Alabama based sensation, blending traditional American roots music with their own rowdy style of raw, outlaw country hellfire.  Formed in 2007, the Hustlas are quickly earning a reputation for their live performances and charismatic stage presence.  The Hustlas are led by T. Junior’s gritty, high-lonesome voice and solid rhythm guitar playing, while Jarrad Glover serves as the anchor of the band with his ferocious, slap-style upright bass.  For live shows, the Hustlas feature Grady Vickery on lead guitar and mandolin.  Their 2008 album release, Hallways of the Always, showcases their ability to write and perform in a traditional, honky-tonk style with punk rock undertones, mixing elements of rockabilly and bluegrass to create their own brand of high-octane, hellbilly death country.

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