Heather Williams

HEATHER WILLIAMS......so what's the deal, right? Well, let me tell you the deal. This Girl Plays Rock-N-Roll, but what I found more important is that Heather IS Rock-N-Roll !!!


This Lady does it all, from Race Cars to Dirt Bikes (X-Games), to Music, to Modeling and Acting. Heather just recently appeared on VH-1's Rock-N-Roll Fantasy Camp where she got to jam with the likes of Brett Michaels and Lita Ford and let's add to that the fact that she is an astute REALTOR and an ardent supporter of our SOLDIERS....a Title that bears a very comforting significance in the past few days !!! :o)


I started tracking Heather on Facebook and the more I discovered about her the more curious I became, so....off to MUSIC CITY, U.S.A.(Nashville, Tn) I went. Heather was playing a Gig called "Rock Over Broadway by Dream Row" at the HARD ROCK CAFE (Located on the corner of Broadway and 2nd...Waterfront) with 3 openers and was sporting a really talented band with her, so I couldn't wait to see her perform.


What I didn't consider was all that she brings to the table other than her music. She has an absolutely inspiring energy and heart, which one can see in her manner and causes.


She's not only very cool, but easy to be around and oh, that light in her eyes. HEATHER embodies the free spirit that is REBEL and carries so much of it that she needs multiple outlets to keep from overloading the grid.


Y'all keep up with this Young Lady at HEATHER-WILLIAMS.COM and on Facebook. This lady is ONE TO WATCH ! Thanks Heather, I had a BLAST ;o)

















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