Hank III

Folks....this was a fitting night right down to the weather. My passage was marked by a severe weather system that was actually deadly. I looked at rardar all day, trying to figure whether or not the risk was worth it all. In the end, I determined that it was not only worth it, but an adventure in and of itself.

At 8:00pm, I looked at the weather and saw my best chance. A corridor between the storms opened and I made the trip to Chattanooga's Rhythm and Brews without a single raindrop hitting the windshield and Hell was breaking loose on on both sides of the Highway. Tornadoes literally crossed my path. Was it worth it? Oh HELL YES !!!. Hank did what he always does. He and his band poured their hearts out to put on the show everybody was expecting....and a show with which NO ONE was disappointed. Hearing all those songs we've come to know and love, I could not help but sing along, even involuntarily at times. The venue was packed with people that came to have fun and it was, in short order, apparent that the vibe was the same on and off the stage. We have always loved the Fans at these events, in fact, they are the biggest part of why we exist. We love meeting these folks and spending time just being with them and being one of them. In fact, I ran into some of my Homebillies from INTEGRITY TATTOO (Maryville, Tn) as they crossed the road headed for the venue. ALWAYS a treat and a pleasure to spend time in their presence. Ya know, it's obvious to us that Hank III feels the same way about the fans. He tore that stage up, sweated his body weight down, and put out many hours of killer music and instead of the normal retreat we see from very many artist, he dropped down into the crowd when he finished, signed autographs, posed for pictures, and handed out Good Will. THAT'S what it's all about. If this tour comes anywhere near your town....do NOT miss it. That would be a shame.

















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