This interview was taken in Asheville, North Carolina, on October 21st, 2009, in the back of GWAR's tour bus. David Brockie (ODERUS URUNGUS) was my very gracious and entertaining host.

It was a rare pleasure to actually interview someone that is of my same approximate age. The day was absolutely gorgeous, about 75 degrees, clear skies and an awesome environment filled with energy of the impending show. As good as the day was, the show that night was better.

I cannot thank David Brockie, Eddie Ortell of GWAR, Dan, Loren, and Liz of The ORANGE PEEL venue, Jon and Maria with Adrenaline PR, enough if I live to be 100+ years old. The transcription of the interview is not "verbatem" and I hope David finds it an accurate recording of our conversation.

Check it all out below!

HB Skip

Q:(HB Skip) How have you guys sustained the pace and had the "glue" to stay together over these 25 years?

A: (David Brockie /Oderus)- 2 main reasons we've continued. First is the fear of a "Real Job". The second and probably most important reason is that I don't think GWAR has "happened yet". I think the biggest and best days for GWAR are still to come.

Q: I'm aware of your initial band, DEATH PIGGY and the connection to the GWAR concept, but what inspired and brought to life GWAR in the form WE know it today?

A: A friend of ours, HUNTER JACKSON, a filmmaker, was making these radical costumes for his work and they were integrated into the concept. GWARRGHH (?), as it was known then, was an opening act for DEATH PIGGY. We would go out and play in the costumes as an opening act as GWARRGH, and then play the main set as DEATH PIGGY. After a while we noticed that people were leaving after we finished the GWAR set and DEATH PIGGY was playing to smaller and smaller audiences. So, we just threw our energies into GWAR (Sounds like DEATH PIGGY ate itself, Awesome;You were only topped by you--Skip).

Q: What as it like getting arrested over the Massive Artificial Penis you sport on your costume and banned from the State, several years ago, right here in North Carolina?

A; Yeah, That was messed up. It was a felony charge and at the time I was a Canadian Immigrant, so it was some serious stuff. They were talking up to 20 years in jail and deportation after that. Their true goal was to shut down the place that was hosting us and I was able to work out a deal that included being banned from the State of North Carolina for a time. ( I think 5 years-Skip)
Skip: Well I'm glad they got over that. Wonder what has changed that the falice is acceptable in the state now ? (Wink)

Q: Do you guys have contact with the members of GWAR that have come and gone over the years and are there Special, or Guest appearances?

A: Oh Yeah. GWAR is a corporate structure, with open books, royalty checks and all the other bells a whistles. Each member of GWAR has ownership in GWAR and are royaltied in accordance with the percentage of time they spent with the band. In short, once in GWAR, always in GWAR. As for the guest/special appearances, we bring members back from time to time on different tours. For instance, SLEAZY P. MARTINI was not in the show for a time and has made appearnaces on this past tour. (The pics are right on our main page about half way down on the left at THMAG.US-Skip)

Q: In all the years of touring, who are the wildest Mother F%#kers you've toured with; it can be more than one?

A; Well, we've had opening bands that have tried to "show out" in an attempt to "top us" but they always ended up making fools of themselves. However, I'll say that the hardest partying Bands that come to mind are GBH and the BUTTHOLE SURFERS. (Seasoned, hardened, road veterans; no suprise--Skip)

Q: What are some of the external hobbies and distractions that keep you from going "Full Goose Bozo" on the road?

A; You sure have to have those distractions or you will go nuts. I am an Illustrator (pointing to an awesome piece of work he had done), I like writing, tourism, area history, and researching places I travel to, and in a pinch, there's always the X-BOX.

Q: Any Political aspirations from members of GWAR? (Big smile on my face)

A: We have thought of it. It would probably be ODERUS running for office. If not that, some other mainstream job, like Game Show Host. (Having made some 9 appearnaces of FOX NEWS "RED EYE" , as ODERUS, I find the prospect more doable than one might think. That's about as mainstream and conservative a platform,as one can be accepted on. Can you belive FOX would reach across the table that far. What a F%#kin' Trip--Skip)

Q: What is it about Richmond Virginia (Beggining Point for GWAR and LAMB OF GOD) that inspires so much rage as to produce at least 2 of the most hardcore/ shocking Metal Bands?

A: For starters, Richmond is largely"Low Rent". There is economic disparity, a corrupt local government, and JERRY FALWELL in your midst. ( Side Note--Enough to sour anyone on Christianity. As a Christian, I find FALWELL more offensive than any Satanists ever would-not that GWAR proclaims such a title--Skip) cont'd (David Brockie) That combined with the central location in the state and the presence and draw of Virginia Commonweath University, makes Richmond a perfect breeding ground for all kinds of art. The more injustice and repression there is, the more artisits have to work with and be inspired by. If there's nothing to bitch about in a place, you'll likely find a stagnant Art/ Music scene.

Q: After 25 years, is there any talk of the core members retiring, or will my age group, in particular, be blessed with GWAR (as we know it) all the way to the grave?

A: Oh Hell No. There's alot of stuff we still want to do. We haven't toured in Japan, for instance. (A fact that FLOORED me. I mean they are all about the type performance GWAR does--Skip) (cont'd David)
We also want to do a Video Game and other projects. As I said before; I don't hink we've "happened yet". When ya look you can see things that at one point seemed impossible, starting to happen. FOX NEWS is a prime example. (Amazing.)

Q: Any new CDs, DVDs, special projects in the works?

A: We are doing our first Christmas Song :) It's gonna be called SUMMER METAL STRIPPER CHRISTMAS. Look for it on our site soon. (Another milestone, my brother.--Skip)

Q: I know you have a great many musical influences, but who was it that first "lit your fuse". you know, the Artist that made you "Throw up the Horns" and "Make the Face"?

A; TED NUGENT (Double Live Gonzo). Now, I don't want my love for the Motor City Madman's music to be confused with agreeing with hard right wing views and politics, but that album lit me up for the very first time. (Side Note-Like his politics or not, NUGENT was not a very political figure in those days. It was all about the music back then--Skip) We have also been re-lit over the years and influenced as GWAR by several bands to include Black Flag, Butthole Surfers and the like. It has taken GWAR in the direction of Thrash and Punk, and lately we have been influenced back in a Hardcore Metal direction by our touring companions, LAMB OF GOD.

Q: (Which brings me to my next question) As both GWAR and LAMB OF GOD are "Richmond based bands" and both sprang fro V.C.U., is there a long standing relation between the two?

A: Oh Yes. In Fact, GWAR provided the platform for L.O.G.'s first national tour. We've known them since they started and knew pretty early on that L.O.G. would go big. As I said, they have had the most most recent impact on GWAR's musical styling as well.

Q: Any advice, in particular, to those bands out there, clawing there way through the biz and the doldrums of trying to "Make it happen?

A: If your band sucks; STOP doing it. Don't waste your time on what is not working. People know in a matter of seconds if they like you. If you don't have a local following within the first 6 months, or regional following within the first year; BAG IT. Change members, shake it up. It's hard watching bands that just stick together out of loyalty, when the goal cannot be achieved by that group of individuals. It's also sad to see really good musicians caight in such a trap, when they should move on, but won't. You need to have a Good and talented Leader and structure things from there.

Q: Final question: How in the HELL will you ever top yourself short of a live murder or setting off a Nuke on stage?

A: Well, we are going to take on those things that we have yet to acomplish. We have been pounding away at the world for 25 years and think we've put enough dents in it, to where it's wearing down and going to accept and celebrate us. We want to do the Japan Tour, the Video Game... all the stuff I mentioned earlier. (Best way to top yourself, is to keep improving--Skip)




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