Hardcore in your face anti establishment punk is the only way to have it. This month I ran into a band from across the pond in Manchester UK that fits that bill fantastically. Fighting in the Dance Hall, Fucking in the streets is the line that hooked me line and sinker. They have an old punk sound mixed with modern rythm and great old punk sounding guitar solos. I am an instant fan as it is so hard to find good punk music that is not Emo bullshit nowdays. If you like punk and I mean real punk then you have to check these guys out! I particularly enjoyed Phsyco a slam dancing beated pure UK punk song that is utterly fantastic!

Their spring 2007 tour of Germany was very successful, in which they played dates in Switzerland and one in Gdansk, Poland .


They played to over 300 vodka-swilling nutters all of which certainly seemed to know the words!! ‘Rebel Songs’ has been released in Germany (KB-Records) and has been very well received, good thing about this release was that the label took the initiative and pressed up 500 vinyl copies, first time it had been available in this format. All of these have been snapped up plus another 100, which were pressed up on red vinyl. Having returned to the UK they then secured a set at the Glastonbury Festival, certainly shook some life into those aging hippies! They again received a very good reception, playing on the Left Field Stage; the DVD of the gig, is set to release later this year. Other major festivals followed including Rebellion and Strummercamp, and then it was back into the studio. The follow up to ‘Rebel Songs’ is now recorded and is currently at the mixing stage.



Their initial plan was to release the album in 2007, however this has been put back to Feb 2008 to allow for a simoultaneous worldwide release. The album is yet to be titled ! In the meantime they signed a digital distribution deal which has meant that our first three albums are now all available at iTunes and the like – Hopefully this will be a good indicator, and theyplan to have a download only single out before Christmas.October and November 2007 sees they band supportt both The Misfits and The Adicts on the UK legs of their current tours and we close the year with a short series of dates across the UK. 2008 will see the release of the new album, accompanied by full UK, European and US tour dates, there are also plans to head to both Japan and Australia.