God Damned

This week we present to you a band whos name needs no further explanatioin. A wickedly hard crunchy metal that will soothe your soul in this time of Christmas cheer. This band is the real deal and brings power force and pure headbanging energy back to metal. Check them out!





Webpage: http://www.goddamned.net
Location: Medina, Ohio, usa
Biography: The band was formed in the winter of 2008 by (current) guitarist Mike Borcoman and (former) guitarist Mike Turner. The two Mikes needed a drummer and Turner suggested one of his childhood friends Steve Gerhart. Borcoman and Steve already knew each other from playing around Cleveland in previous bands, and after a few meetings over much alcohol, Steve finally agreed to hit the skins for the pair of Mikes.

After jamming for a few months in a storage unit, (which the boys affectionately refer to as "The S.U.") they started actively searching for bassists. After making some unsuccessful phone calls to former band members, they started having a couple beers with another band that jammed a few storage units away. Mike was buddies with the bands drummer Eric, who had a pretty energetic and talented bassist by the name of Jason Shirley. After months of buttering him up with many a beer and shot, Mike and Steve finally convinced Jason to switch bands.

Now with the music in place, our metal heroes needed a vocalist to step in and be the voice behind their brutality. Jason suggested a buddy of his, whom he had jammed with briefly in a previous band. Jason assured the boys that this was the guy they needed, and he couldn't have been more right. After hearing Jeremiah "The Bull" Robertson's gut punch vocals, they awarded him the gig on the spot at the first audition.

Unfortunately, after a few months as a full band, original guitarist Mike Turner had to leave the band for personal reasons. It was a mutual split, and remains a close personal friend (and tattoo artist) to the boys. Without a second guitarist the boys were scrambling to fill the void before their first show (which was rapidly approaching.) Steve suggested another childhood friend to fill the void of the one who left.

Dan Stoner who had jammed with Steve for years in countless garage bands through junior high school, and high school was given 3 days to learn the songs by ear on his own as a test of his abilities. He showed up, plugged in, and nailed it. It was the easiest transition any of the guys had ever made in any of the bands they had been in.

The GOD DAMNED boys have been locking themselves away in the "S.U." ever since... writing the hardest, heaviest music that they possibly can, only letting themselves out once every month or so to bring the metal like only GOD DAMNED can to the stage.

(God Damned is currently writing and rehearsing new material to finish their debut album due out in the second half of 2010)
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