Tale of the Dessert:

"Ghoultown are the reigning kings of hellbilly music with a sound incapable of being reproduced! Life After Sundown is Sheer Genius!"

Moe Hillbilly

Location: Hellbilly Texas!

Intensity: Pure 100% Grade A Hellbilly

Stamina: Like a Raging Stampede!

Usual Suspects:

Count Lyle - vocals/guitar

Jake Middlefinger - lead guitar

Lizard Lazario - acoustic guitar, vocals
Santi - bass, vocals

Dalton Black - drums

Randy Grimm - trumpet, percussion



This month we ran across some ole friends and one killer hellbilly band "Ghoultown". They have just released their new album "Life After Sundown. This album will be the defining moment of the hellbilly genre this year and is one of the most brilliant works we have the privilege of listening to this year. I invite you to kick back , place your ole boots on a stool and listen to the western hellbilly brilliance of Ghoultown.

Moe Hillbilly




Formed in 1999 by vocalist Count Lyle, Ghoultown released a 5-song EP, BOOTS OF HELL, shortly thereafter. Drawing influence from a wide range of music such as rockabilly, western ballads, goth, punk and metal, Ghoultown immediately set themselves apart from the crowd, which helped to land a few tracks on the popular Gothabilly compilation series released by New York’s Skully Records. A year later, the band debuted their first full-length disc, TALES FROM THE DEAD WEST, and began touring heavily in support. In the spring of 2002, not only did the band release their second full-length disc, GIVE 'EM MORE ROPE, but also signed a licensing deal with Netherlands-based Corazong Records to release the Ghoultown catalog in Europe and Canada.

After touring the U.S. from the west coast to the legendary CBGB’s in N.Y., to popular media conventions such as Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Ghoultown earned a reputation for delivering an energetic and entertaining stage show. In response, the band released LIVE FROM TEXAS! in 2004 which showcased their powerful live show on both audio CD and DVD. "Ghoultown puts the grit back into rock 'n' roll with a blazing hellfire vengeance!" said Horror Garage in praise, which summarized the extremely positive feedback. The same year, the band managed to creep into the video game market where several of their actual gig posters were used in the award-winning VAMPIRE MASQUERADE: BLOODLINES PC game.

With obvious influences drawn from both spaghetti western and horror movies, it is not surprising that the film world has also taken notice of the band. In 2002, four of their tunes were chosen for the soundtrack of the horror-slasher, American Nightmare, starring Debbie Rochon (Tromeo & Juliet). As a testament to their memorable live show, the movie script was subsequently altered to include a Ghoultown performance cameo after the director witnessed the band live. Ghoultown's signature tune “Killer In Texas” also made an appearance in a short film called Headcheese which was released on DVD with the movie Freak. Appropriately, Headcheese was filmed in the same location as Texas Chainsaw Massacre... house and all! Ghoultown has also contributed songs to other independent films such as Suburban Nightmare and Hallow's End, and most recently Cannibal Flesh Riot, directed by the multi-talented artist and director, Gris Grimly.

After signing with Zoviet Records in 2006, Ghoultown returned with fresh energy and a new release, BURY THEM DEEP. Produced by Chris Telkes (Nocturne) and mastered by Sara Lee Lucas (Marilyn Manson), BURY THEM DEEP featured seven new tracks that boasted sharp songwriting skills and top-notch production which helped to bring even more fans to the unique sounds of Ghoultown.

2008 marks the release of Ghoultown's sixth album , LIFE AFTER SUNDOWN, which showcases the band's unique sound and image like never before. Described as "an uncharted crossroads between Johnny Cash and Rob Zombie," Ghoultown delivers well-written songs which range from melancholy dirges of lost love -- to blood-pumping outlaw punk -- to well-crafted anthems featuring trumpets reminiscent of an Ennio Morricone western soundtrack. Solid production by Chris Telkes (producer and guitarist for Nocturne), eye-catching artwork by Dan Brereton (who has also done cover art for Rob Zombie), and powerful songwriting make LIFE AFTER SUNDOWN a landmark release in the Ghoultown catalog. Each track stands on its own, bringing in elements of driving road rock ("Werewolves On Wheels"), western-themed psychobilly ("Dead Outlaw"), gunslinger ballads ("Against a Crooked Sky"), spaghetti western instrumentals ("Thunder Over El Paso"), and out-right "cow metal" ("Under the Phantom Moon") like only Ghoultown can do.

Recently, new avenues have also been opened as Ghoultown begins work on several new projects. Most notably, the band has just completed shooting a music video with legendary horror hostess, Elvira, directed by Gris Grimly (Cannibal Flesh Riot). Having been asked by Elvira herself to create a new theme song, Lyle and the boys were glad to indulge with a brand new tribute/theme song which will be packaged along with a DVD for release in early 2009. Stay tuned!



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