The Ghouls

By Hillbilly Stew



Punk music has a fine outstanding tradition of "in your face", hard lined music. Such is the case with "Philidelphia's own", The Ghouls. The Ghouls are a combination between traditional punk and horror rock, and have an old flair which takes me back to the early 1980's. Punk music is still alive and kicking and these guys know what it is all about. I took some time to chat with Johnny Apathy in the following interview.

Q:What is the biggest message the The Ghouls would like to make?
A: We don't really have a set message. We live our lives the only way we know how. We don't give shit and we don't take shit. Basically we want people to be themselves and try to have alittle fun in life.

Q:What are your biggest influences?
A: It'll probably have to be The Casualties, The Restarts, The Clash, Rancid, The Unseen, our sisters the Krum Bums. We really look up to bands that stick to their guns.

Q: How did the band come together?
A: It's all Bobs fault.

Q: Who would you like to gig with?
A: gigiti gigiti NOFX...!!!

Q: What inspired "Strife" ?
A: Kick'n some ass! One time in Vegas, Johnny pulled his 11 inch turd out of the toilet, in our suite, at the Ceasars palace and paraded it around the room for everybody. I think Bob wrote strife about dawn of the dead.

Q:What was your worst "Gig from hell"?
A: Johnny was wasted in Pittsburgh and threw his guitar at Matt, our old drummer, at the end of the set cause he was pissed off. Then zach flew across the stage to sock him in the face.

Q: Would you say the band is "Hard partying or tetotalling? A: If you show up to the show with a case a beer, a handle of Vodka, and an ounce of weed, we'll answer that question for you.

Q: Does the band have any political direction, or do you guys just say"Fuck all that" ?
A: Well for a while we really wanted to just fuck all that and simply just play punk music. But as were getting older through war and hate we've come to realize some things have to be said and we plan on saying them!

Q: When is your next album release/ are you you working on new material?
A: Well were almost done writing the new album but we might release a 7" in the near future just to give a small taste.

Q: Do you guys like groupies, or find them a pain?
A: For the most part we have girlfriends but we always like when girls show us their boobies and get nakid in front of us. We once were at a party and Zach got on the table butt nakid and started opening and shutting his ass cheeks at a rapid pace. The objective was to catch whatever johnny was throwing in there. A drink or two later we had three blonds doing it with their pussies!!!!

Q: Can we expect to see you in the southern U.S. anytime soon?
A: Yes

Q: In your mind is the Punk Scene to be gaining strength or waning?
A: We know it's a lot harder to be a punk today just on the simple fact that there isn't as much of us as there use to be. That makes it








About The Ghouls

Formed out of the influence of the spikes and stud street punk movement of the late 90s and early 2000, The Ghouls sound like the bastard son of hardcore punk and horror rock. The band started in the summer of 2001 with Singer Robert Price and after several line-up changes came to include Johnny Apathy on guitar, Zach Volta on Bass, and Eric End on drums. Taking their influences from such classics as the Ramones, The Misfits, and The Clash as well as the bands they grew up watching such as The Unseen, Oxymoron, The Casualties, and Philadelphias own hometown heroes, The Virus. Combining break neck speed with catchy choruses and dark melodic lyrics, The Ghouls are at home creating a circle pit at every show while the projecting their anger, aggression, and cynisism through their sound. Having toured with bands like Abrasive Wheels, The Unseen, Funeral Dress, and Red Alert and shared the stage with such acts as The Misfits, The Casualties, Rancid, The Business, Leftover Crack, and The Virus, The Ghouls keep themselves busy through energetic live shows and a rigorous touring schedule. With a Black Flag Get in the Van mentality of touring, the band tries to keep itself on the road as much as possible. In early 2005 this hard work paid off as Mark Unseen released the bands first 4 song E.P. Its Your Time to Die on his label A.D.D. Records. This release catapulted interest from several other labels and in mid 2006 the ghouls signed to California based SOS Records for their full length. Scheduled for release in November 2006,the 12 song release Stand Alone will see the band on the road headed for the west coast in the fall, and then a full US tour with yet to be announced label mates in the spring, as well as a slot on the world famous (or infamous) British Invasion festival in March. Come see the band destroy a stage near you!