Led by the infamous Rench, Ganstagrass represents one of the most fantastic bluegrass bands that you will ever hear. It is pure in your face music that is fresh and a nice break from the monotonous music of everyday life. The music will speak far better than my words so kick back and listen for yourself. Also you can currently get a hold of of this CD via bit torrent or direct download from the band at the links below.



Check them out at:

1. Gangstagrass Intro Deep Thoughts
2. Goin Down Deep Thoughts and Kaz-Mir
3. On The Run T.O.N.E-Z
4. Pistol Packin Deep Thoughts and Kaz-Mir
5. Mean Tomasia
6. Steels Gonna Be The Death Of Me T.O.N.E-Z
7. Contagious Anai
8. The Art Of Flowin Deep Thoughts and Shank One
9. My Pyramid No Surrender
10. Street Soldier Deep Thoughts
11. Position Tomasia
12. Showin Me Love T.O.N.E-Z
13. What I Need Anai
14. Shoutin On The Hills Deep Thoughts
15. Dirty Pickin J-Funk
16. Step In The Club T.O.N.E-Z
17. Undeniable Deep Thoughts
18. Pain T.O.N.E-Z and Sharon Holly
19. Get On It Deep Thoughts and Kaz-Mir
20. Who Ridin Deep Thoughts and Kaz-Mir
21. I Am The Man - New Blood T.O.N.E-Z
22. On Lock Anai



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