From the Editors Issue 9

We are closing in rapidly on the first anniversary of the Twisted Hillbilly Magazine and its affiliated network. This project has been in our thoughts for over 20 years and it is fascinating to watch it evolve into reality. We have also learned a great deal about how publishing works including the internet, Myspace and many other key areas. Mainly however we have gotten to learn about people. This is the most intriguing part of this mad experiment to Hillbilly Skip and myself. You see we are all a little Twisted whether we admit it or not. Some of us obviously are over the edge but everyone walks the fine line. Why would you not then want to embrace life to its fullest while we are here spinning on this big rock. It is with this thought that we leave this capsule in the archives of internet space so that people in the future can understand how much passion that we and our readers, bands and staff have for life. We try to avoid the philosophical debates due to the large number of differences among our groups but fundamentally we hope that people understand that we are all similar. We all seek to find meaning and purpose whether it be from the Devil himself or from a vast number of different beliefs and systems. With the philosophy behind we are almost ready for the 9th edition which promises to be one of our best. On the cover and feature article we have OTEP which brings a whole new array of sound and emotions to the genre. We also have a good ole fashion hillbilly metal band known as Disarray. This band will make you beat your knuckles against a scraggly brick wall begging for more, guaranteed! We also explore in this issue some of the great up and coming acts from all over the world including Figure of Six from Italy, Bilocate from Jordan, and Mahavatar which is from its own great world. Lastly we have one of the most jaw dropping hillbetties to bless our pages known as Hillbetty. If you love women as much as we do ( Hellie Mae aside) then you will want to check this out.

Finally write us with your best Hillbilly “Uber Goober” picture to win this years honorary Twisted Hillbilly Profile. Send all info to


Live life to the bitter end!

Moe Hillbilly

Hillbilly Skip


Thank you for stopping by and we wish you all the best hillbilly greetings. Please check back with us as we add new content daily. Twisted Hillbilly Magazine exists solely to support music in all of its forms, understanding that it is an essential part of everyone's life. We all have a little hillbilly in us some of us more than others so come on in and sat a spell, take your shoes off and enjoy the twisted ride along with us. Also recognize that the views and opinions here are not necessarily those of the hillbilly publications network. Copyright 2007 Twisted Hillbilly Magazine. Twisted Hillbilly Magazine is a registered trademark


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