Rising up through the pillars of Melbourn, Victoria Australia hails a metal band that brings an original sound to thrash known as Frankenbok. This band has a touch of old metal biting guitars backed by driving hardcore beat that gets my old hillbilly toes a tappin! With a mix of melodic vocals and ripping screams Frankenbok strike hard at your metal nerves making you want more fuel for a crazed thrash throwdown. With the release of their long awaited album Murder of Songs this band is set to make its lasting imprint on the Metal World.


Band Info and News

After releasing Greetings & Salutations (2000 Faultline/Shock), Loopholes & Great Excuses (2001 Dark Carnival), Blood Oath (2003 RoadRunner) and extensive AUS & NZ tours…including top support slots with Slayer, MachineHead, Soilwork, Skinlab, 8 Foot Sativa, Fear Factory & System of a Down, Frankenbok have just been signed to Prime Cuts Music and have just released their finest work to date.

Murder of Songs is 10 tracks of speed, thrash & bent-out-of-shape melancholy metal with little foot notes from hell about lies, persecution and what it’s really like being Down to the Wire or to Worship before the Dead. Produced and recorded by the Bok & Reggie Bowman at their home studios – Bat Cave, Fight Club & Scream Louder, it is obvious you cannot go to hell without a GUITAR SOLO.

Treat yourself and hurt the kids in one fell swoop!

A follow up release is being locked and loaded featuring Danbok on vocals (Block, McDougall Brothers, Repugnance) as Murder of Songs is the last recording with Adam B.Metal. Frankenbok wish him all the best in his new band, The Departed, coz it’s gonna kick some arse!

Lastly but not leastly, Scottybok, after many years in the band is not coming back from Honkers to get on the axe, sorry ladies, it’s a cryin’-ass shame but…

Yetibok (HeadMess, 4Arm, Embodied) is now onboard playing some very large guitar. Nude nut, sweet beard.