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Well Folks, we took it HILLBILLY this past weekend at Carrier's Pasture (Part of the RED BARN CAMPGROUND) in Bristol, Tn.

This is the site we ususally visit twice a year for "Racin' the way it ought to be", out of turn 3 of the Bristol Motor Speedway.

The Carrier family adopted me a few years ago when I was selling Luxury buses for a Texas based coach company.

I would roll over the hill every morning about 5:30, just as the fresh biscuits were comin out of the oven at 'Carrier's Kitchen".

The ladies were so complimented as they thought I was getting up early to get to those biscuits, but the truth be known, Ole Skip hadn't been to bed yet. ;o)

From there a true friendship started and has grown into a family feel since.

This year they had their first annual Fiddler's Convention and we just had to be on hand to document the event for YOU.

This type of festival is exactly where the likes of

Ricky Skaggs and Alison Krauss sprang forth and the talent level is magnificent.

We want to thank the Carrier family for having us and the continued love and freindship they have shown us all these years.

If you ever get out to the race at Bristol Motor Speedway,

make sure you stay at the RED BARN CAMPGROUND

for a hell of a party....and behave yourself proper too.

Enjoy the spread and KEEP IT TWISTED !!!!


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