Five Finger Death Punch Live

Below you will find two reviews, one from myself and the other from Skip


September of Last year Skip and I started the Twisted Hillbilly Magazine following a series of summer concerts and the success of our music review blog. We knew right then and there that our first cover had to be our favorite band Five Finger Death Punch. We were fortunate enough to see the group again this week in their support of Disturbed, as they rolled thru Knoxville, Tn.

To begin with One of the most endearing parts of this band besides their phenomenally powerful music is their down to earth attitude. they took time out of their hectic schedule to speak with us both before, and after the show and made us feel right at home.  You do not get the sense that you are talking with a rock star which I might say they are becoming at a highly accelerated rate, but a friend who enjoys music and their fans.

The band hit the stage with a sonic boom, blasting thru some of the best metal songs around including "Salvation', "The Way of The Fist"," Ashes", and 'the devils own". Ivan Moody then busted the roof of the building with his intensely dynamic adrenaline blasting of "White Knuckles". Ivan as we can tell after the show lays every bit of emotion, power and soul that he has into every song. This backed by the phenomenal guitars of Zoltan and Darrell and the percussion of Matt and Jeremy creates a blistering force that transcends from the stage to connect to the deepest parts of your metal soul! As a final surprise the band played by far the best cover version of "Bad company" I have ever heard and capped the evening off with a ripping version of "The Bleeding".

You owe it to yourself not only to see this band live but if you have any metal gonads at all you should not go without a copy of the new CD "the Way of the fist" which is available on itunes and most major record stores. Keep a sharp eye out as we will posting our interview with the group coming in Issue 7!


Hillbilly Skip

Well, it was like this. Moe and I arrive at the Valarium (Our Favorite venue) a full 90 minutes before “showtime”(7:00p.m.) to find a line out front and wrapping around the building. What we didn’t realize was that the line not only wrapped around the side of the venue, but lept going for about a 1/4 mile easy. After arriving and getting my usual “lucky ass parking spot” (about 50 ft. from the FFDP tour bus), we exited the vehicle( and  our brains;) and ran directly into very familiar faces. In fact, faces from our very 1st magazine cover. Five Finger Death Punch’s  Matt and Jeremy were standing just outside the bus and I have to tell ya, they are totally fan friendly. Without the first bit of introduction, they extended their hands in friendship without even knowing who we were, or that we had pre-arranged the meeting. Such things go along way with ole Skip and speak very well of a person’s character; in my opinion. After meeting up with the FFDP Tour Manager, Matt (also), we found ourselves on a guest list and being treated to some righteous backstage access. Me and Moe thoroughly enjoyed the show that ensued. Everything was on the money. The sound, lighting, and without failing, THE BAND !!!! Ivan did something that I will not soon forget, simply because it was considerate and an exercise in common sense that crowd members seem unable to grasp. He told the bangers that were in the middle of the floor and unwilling to participate in the pit, to”Get the fuck out of the way.” I’ve never seen such intelligence displayed by a performer at a metal show. I got the sense that”After a while you just get tired of seeing the cry baby assholes, that refuse to move out of the way of the moshers, cause a security situation that screws up the whole vibe in a show. Bravo Ivan !!! The show was a massive sphere of pure energy and I have need of a chiropractor now. One blasting, crisp, yet raw song after another had us cranked for the duration. Special thanks to Darrel for the awesome guitar action and the hook up on access to the band. Dude, you are THE MAN and we are forever in your debt. By the way Darrell, the last time I felt the kind of energy you were putting off, was from a certain guitarist that used to play with Ozzy; get my drift!?! Absolutely impeccable technique my brother.

 I have to tip my hat to the venue too. I noticed more of THEIR own security people present at this event and I felt a lot better about it. There is no better security squad than the one that works under the Valarium’s  management; consummate pros that know the difference between “Cooler’ and “Killer”. Seen enough of the latter at recent events;  much better vibe and experience this time with the “Home Team” .Thanks guys !!!! Special props to J.C. and Arkady from BONE”S LAIR for their kindness and hospitality as well. It would have been a lesser experience, by a long shot, without you. It was those guys that got us in the best position for backstage photo opportunities. We owe ya one fellas. The long and short is this: If you have the chance to see Five Finger Death Punch and share in the true METAL experience Moe and I had; you better FUCKIN” TAKE IT !!!! There is nothing but regret awaiting those true Metal fans that pass it up. I had a blast and DID IT ALL FOR YOU, Our Readers. Kinda makes your eyes puddle up, don’t  it?

                                    Keep It Metal,







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