Text Box: Five Finger Death Punch
By Moe 
           I am not one to get overly fanatical about bands but that has abruptly changed this year. On a random evening in June I discovered a band on MySpace known as Five Finger Death Punch. This band is in my mind the real deal so much so I have to control myself from making this page into a metal shrine! My friends are getting tired of my raves about them so I will now share them with you in an effort to get it out of my system. They have a thundering sound that grabs you, shakes you and makes you want to do it again. It is the new face of power not seen since the likes of Pantera. It is raw, violent and in your face. It is the sound you realize very shortly of a legendary band in the making.
          In August  Skippy and I drove to Atlanta to see them on the Family 
Values Tour and they blew me away. They have a magnetism driven by Ivan Moody on vocals that draws you in to be cracked by the phenomenal guitars of Darrell and Zoltan and the wicked rhythm section which includes Matt the Bass maniac and Jeremy on percussion. Their sound is pure adrenaline but also melodic uplifting and powerful. The lead guitar parts are technical but melodic they have that grab you sound that I havenít felt since I first heard GNR.
         I had a chance after the show to hang out with Matt and Zoltan for a few minutes and they are fantastic guys. They truly like their fans and try to be accessible as possible. In fact you would not even know they were any different than normal concert goers. They took the time to talk with me and make pictures. I will be hunting the guy who took the pictures down due to the drunk induced blur but it was a great time getting to meet these guys.
The Album
When you get a hold of Way of the Fist their new album you will find an a work that does not have one bad song. I mean there is not one song on the thing that is not purely fantastic. It starts off with Ashes a metal song with a melodic chorus and ripping lead guitar. Then it takes hold of you with The Way of the Fist a pounding metal song that makes you want to jump up and fight.  If I had to pick a favorite which is difficult I would take a listen to The Devilís Own and White Knuckles as the true pounding way of the fist anthems that will send you into overdrive. What can I say the whole album is fantastic and you should check it out now!   It will pump you up!
You can get it at itunes, Amazon or any major record 
My Space
Street Team
You can join the Five Finger Death Punch Street Team at Fancorps.com. Tell them that moedeathpunch sent you!