Extreme Home Make Over

Well this was somethin' we never saw comin'. The fine people of Extreme Makeover Home edition rolled in to the foot of Our Mountains to help out yet another family in need. This time was different though. I have seen those folks help out a lot of Families and even some that help others, but this project was the more special. RESTORATION HOUSE is a, soon to be, state of the art facility for aiding Single Mothers in the recovery and stabilization of their lives. This time, the Extreme Makeover bunch helped lay down a foundation for a service that this community will benefit from time and again, year after year. I dropped in just to say hi and see about the Media Check-in, when I saw my dear friend Alisa sitting behind the registration table. As we hugged and said Hi, she asked"What Ya doin'?" I just told her I was looking to see how I could help and she said, "Well, roll up your sleeves and let's do this!". The rest was a day of wonders. I tell ya, there were times when the tears got hard to fight back. This valley community of Knoxville is simply filled with big hearted people. Over the term of the project, the crews were literally battered with harsh wet weather. The night before I showed up, they had suffered a storm that included sideways rain, sleet, and snow, driven by wind gusting up to 40+mph. This weather put the project behind, so the community answered a "Call to arms" put out over local media and there was a ground swell of volunteers at hand the whole day through. Though these Volunteers were staring down the barrel of weather, not too much better, they quickly brought the project back into time line. From time to time, as occasion presents itself, we get to see why Tennessee is known as the Volunteer State. This was such an occasion and our peeps lived up to the name in spades. Lucky Ole Me (Skip) got to hang with the world renowned UBER BETTY......Ms. JENNY McCARTHY, and meet up with a few of the gang from Extreme Makeover. I can tell Ya 3 things about this event, for sure. Extreme Makeover Home Edition is one "straight up" AWESOME bunch of folks, we live in a damned compassionate mountain region....and I haven't been able to get the smile off my face since hangin' with Jenny ! Y'all enjoy the pics and HORNS to the GIVERS !!!!

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