I had a chance this week to catch a listen to Eternal Tears of Sorrow's new album "Children Of The Dark Waters" released on Massacre Records. This album is a wicked mixture of melodic symphony with dark wicked metal.

I have always appreciated the contrast of chaos and beauty in music and in life and this album does it well. Songs such as "Tear Of Autumn Rain" come sweeping in with piano and a chorus singing but come back to bite with sweeping electric guitars and throaty vocals.

The depth and darkness of the lyrics overcomes you on a cloud of flowing evil. I for one have become a big fan of this band in recent years and I will definitely be adding this album to my Ipod rotation.

The sorrowful lyrics of songs like "Baptized By The Blood Of Angels" represent a true contrast of black metal fused with a wicked orchestra!

Check the out this band if you dare! We will be working to bring you a full interview with the band in our upcoming 20th issue!

Moe Hillbilly

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