This month we feature the winner of our Battle of the Cover contest En Force. With over 5000 votes this band is making a large imprint on the metal landscape. Hailing from Chivilcoy, Argentina En Force brings a dark vicious metal sound backed by hard guitars and ripping vocals. Their use of melodic lead guitar and heavy rhythm make for a refreshing change. They are currently recording their first album and I am certain we will be hearing a lot more from this great band!


Moe Hillbilly


nahuel martiniello - vocals & guitars

ezequiel corrao - bass guitar

alejandro langellotti - lead guitars



En Force is a melodic death metal band from Chivilcoy, Argentina founded in 2007. The bands main Influences are death metal including (In Flames, Dark Tranquillity and At the Gates). In mid-2007 they recorded the first song ‘Enemy Inside’which was widely accepted by fans . Currently they are recording his first album which will be on sale soon.























































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