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This month we ran across a brilliant gothic metal band that we can not hold back from telling you about. Enchained Souls mixes a beautiful symphony aria with the legions of the devils minions to create an unbeliebably powerful sound. I am literally hooked on this band with the line and the sinker. If you love gothic/metal this is your band. Listen to the player as the music transforms and transitions in each powerful bar.

Moe Hillbilly





Enchained Souls is the first Gothic Metal band from Bahía blanca, Argentina, which started playing in the year 2004 with the next line-up: Carolina Villamayor (vocals), Pablo Costamagna (guitars) and other members.

In august of the same year, the band gave its first performance in a local pub with an excellent audience acceptation. Since then, the band has given over 20 concerts in Bahía Blanca, Sierra de la ventana, Coronel Suarez and also in Buenos Aires city.

In 2006, the band started recording their first full length album entitled “Tears of silence” which has had an incredible acceptation in Argentina and all over the world.

That same year, Enchained Souls gave a performance in Buenos Aires city along with the English band Anathema. This concert was one of the best experiences the band has had so far.

In 2007 the band released a demo called “Symphonic Poems” which has a new sound and sounds even more aggressive than its predecessor, “Tears of silence”. This demo has been listened to in many countries around the world, particularly in Russia and Mexico.

In november of the 2007 year the band realsed it..s new album, Silentium æternus and changed the drummer for Bruno Reggiani. You can listen one of the album..s song in the download section.

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