Click the Link for Ekotren's New CD

EkoTren - Light the Fire 

Tale of the Tape


Location: Cape Coral, Florida

Intensity: Maximum Overload!!!

Stamina: On the way to Metal glory!

Contenders: John, Keith, Derek, Steve, Eric


Since we last had Ekotren in the Twisted Hillbilly Magazine, the group has reached the stellar roof of Metal Deity. They have been taking the US storm touring with our friends Straight Line Stitch and climbing the metal charts faster than any new act out there. We here on Metal Mountain feel it is time to endow you hillbillies on the cover of Issue 10 a band that will I am sure will grace our cover alot in the future!

First for those that are unaware Ekotren plays a wickedly biting melodic metal that will turn even the most discriminating thrash metal head into an instant follower. One listen to Light the Fire and you will be hooked. The band is pure energy, intensity and emotion boiled up into a cracked open steam pipe of pure raw metal. If you watch the video you will see how intense these guys are live and how they reproduce the sound live. These guys are so power packed, you could use the outake to distill shine!

With that said what else can my humble words impart other than to advise you to hang on this page and check the video player! We are looking forward to bringing you the interview with Ekotren very soon so keep checking back!


Moe Hillbilly

Click the Link for Ekotren's New CD

EkoTren - Light the Fire 



Click the Link for Ekotren's New CD

EkoTren - Light the Fire 



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