Double Dragon


I have enjoyed this in depth look at Australian metal more than any series we have done here at the Twisted Hillbilly and Double Dragon is a big reason why. Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, Double Dragon plays a biting brand of metal that mixes old school type riffs with a fresh hiting force of screaming in your face vocals. The band is currently recording and we cannot wait to get a hold of the new material. If you like metal, metalcore or just in your face music you owe it to yourself to check out this great band! Hit play on the player below to give it a go yourself!

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BIO and Info

We're a heavy metal band from Adelaide Australia and we're currently in the studio with our friend and producer Mr. Ian 'E-Dog' Miller working on our debut album 'Devastator'. We won't be playing any interstate shows until our album is completed and released around June this year, after which we will undertake a full national album launch tour.

If you haven't heard our music before we have an EP called 'Scars Of Fire' which you can get wherever good music is sold in Australia. (Truth Inc Records/MGM Distribution - Catalogue number TINC002.)

People from anywhere other than Australia can order it online via the link to your immediate left.

We have played with some of the best metal bands around like Slayer (US), Arch Enemy (Sweden), Mastodon (US), The Black Dahlia Murder (US), Dark Tranquillity (Sweden), Tool (US), Cephalic Carnage (US), Daysend, Picture The End, Truth Corroded, Fuck I'm Dead, The Rivalry, Terrorust, The Jonestown Syndicate, Lynchmada, Black Like Vengeance plus many more. We've also had the opportunity to play some big festivals like The Big Day Out (Adelaide '07), Metalstock (Scone '07), Abducted Fest (Brisbane '07), Festival Of The Dead (Sydney and Melbourne '07), and the new mother of all Australian metal festivals, Against The Grain 1, 2 and 3 (Adelaide '05, '06 and '07).

We're a band that considers all of our supporters friends, and if you see us at a show, at a bar, or pretty much anywhere, feel free to buy us a drink ;)


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