Tale of the Tape:

Location: Dickson , Tn

Intensity: Jump Down, Turn around pick a bail of cotton heavy duty metal!!!

Stamina: Decades of Metal to come!!!!

This week Skip and I had the pleasure to see one our personal favorite bands known as Disarray. This band is phenomenal and it is our hope to share them with you. Without Further ado, below is our first article and a huge picture spread of the Disarray show. If you don't like Disarray you don't like metal!



This month we are very excited to cover Disarray, a metal band that has the talent and tenacity to take metal to a new level. One of the things I have often felt that metal music critics truly understand about the genre is honesty. This can well be said in the case of Disarray. The band hits you with honest brutality and soul that permeates throughout their music. They bring an energy and anger to music that questions everything that authority would have us believe. The bands new album "Edge of My Demise" brings new life into good ole fashion hillbilly, smack down metal. I would strongly recommend getting over to Itunes and pick this up most expeditiously!

"Just because I scream, doesn't mean I'm crazy/I'm just relieving stress from my poor mind/Just because I'm alone, doesn't mean I'm lonely/I've got the same number of friends as my back's got knives."



In early 1993, Chuck Bonnett assembled the first prototype of Disarray from the local musicians he had grown up and attended school with as a youth in Dickson, Tennessee. His work ethic and drive to do something enduring quickly weeded out the weekenders and hobbyists, and he set to work in earnest that fall. He adjusted lineups, wrote songs, booked shows, and made mistakes, but he kept going. That tenacity and single-minded purpose would be the principle that would sustain his vision for nearly two decades.

From the beginning, Bonnett recognized that no “big break” would be forthcoming, and that anything the band needed would come from its own efforts, or not at all. It was this do-it-yourself mentality that drove the band to record its first two studio offerings – 1995’s Widespread Human Disaster and the follow-up, Bleed, which came a year later – with no support or backing whatsoever. Their relentless self-promotion eventually caught the attention of Chris Poland of Eclipse Records – the indy label which vaulted Mushroomhead and Bobaflex into prominence – and the band signed a deal with them which provided them a much wider audience.

The next three albums the trio would release – 1999’s A Lesson In Respect; 2002’s In The Face Of The Enemy, produced by Dave “Oderus Urungus” Brockie of GWAR; and 2007’s Edge Of My Demise, produced by Gary Meskil of Pro-Pain – set new benchmarks for the band’s production and songcraft. The releases also garnered critical acclaim from numerous online and print publications, such as Hit Parader, Revolver, and BW&BK. At the same time, an ambitious tour schedule with numerous national acts, coupled with extensive radio play, put Disarray’s music in reach of multitudes of metal fans.

The band - comprised of Bonnett, bassist/vocalist Vance Wright, and drummer Keith Feulner - is currently playing an abbreviated schedule of regional shows to support the latest release.

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