We had a chance here recently to check out the tunes sent to us from Deathloch.

The band is a pure driven no nonsense in your face and ready to smash metal band. It was a wonderful change of pace from our usual metal submissions and we loved every bit of it.


While the music from their CD "Black Moon Rising" at first glance sound very simple it builds in complexity and ferrocity to the point where you have to throw some horns and start the whiplash inducing neck movement.

The sweeping melodic guitars and skull cracking rythm will crank your adrenaline as much as methanphetamine in your coffee!

The lyrics from Karl are ripping and direct!

I like the band from beginning to end and believe that soon they will start to climb the ranks of the metal lords.

Check out these Georgia Hillbillies!!

I think you will enjoy




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Deathloch was formed in early 2009 by Guitarist Micah Brook,Guitarist John Kowalski and Drummer Jon Raper. Later came the Thunder with Bassist Bryan Peel. After many auditions the band was complete with vocalist Karl Janus,and have been tearing up the Metal scene ever since. Thanks to our Fans,Deathloch is fast on the rise. Already doing radio interviews,and Headlining out of state shows. In less than a year recorded the Black Moon Rising CD, about the chilling tales of the Reaper. Our music is currently being played on several radio stations in different countries, and is available for sale all over the world. We hope you enjoy our music and look forward to seeing you at a show.  


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