Deals Gaps- The Dragon

Well, Charlene took Skip up to ride with his fellow DRAGON (US129) today and the 3 of them had a BLAST. I'm sure many of you know about THE DRAGON, a stretch of US129 that runs from Tallassee, TN into Deals Gap, N.C. It is an amazing road for Motorcyles and High performance cars boasting a blistering 318 curves in an 11 mile section of the highway.

The Dragon has been closed for months due to a rock slide, but was re-opened this past weekend, much to the relief of the Resort Owners at DEALS GAP MOTORCYCLE RESORT, The new SMOKY MOUNTAIN HARLEY DAVIDSON store and our friend David at KILLBOY.COM and excellent photographer that helps document all those GREAT RIDES.

I wanted to take a moment to help those who don't have high performance cars or motorcycles lay aside their curiousity about the landslide and it's fix. If you are wanting to see the results of the repair and excavation, please do so, but if you are driving a normal family styled production car, an RV, hauling a boat, and do not have pressing business in the Robinsville/Fontana, N.C. area, please take a look and turn around and stay of f the Dragon !

The slide site is well north of the entrance to the amazingly curvy part and there is no true reason, aside from those I allowed for in my previous sentence, to proceed past the lake front. The Dragon is not a sceneic road. About 80% of it lies under the canopy and if you are not out for "grabbing the curves" in or ona suitable vehicle, it's just work for the driver, sickness for the passengers and at the end, in a vehicle of those sorts I mentioned, you have accomplished NOTHING except screwing up a good time for those who came PREPARED to enjoy the road. But, I digress :o)

That aside, I wanted to share with you all the fantasic ride that Charlene and I shared with THE DRAGON. After snaking around a few of thye lead paint chip eating types I spoke of earlier (Wrong equipment types and looky loos) I found myself in the perfect traffic gap to really ride the road.


I ride with a rule that states. If you have not run this road in YOUR LANE, you really haven't ridden it; you've just been jerking off, missing the true challenge, and endangering others by crossing lanes. With that in mind I took advantage of the uncluttered section I found myself on and shot the hell out of every curve I ran across.


What an "F"ing day folks. The road basically ends at Deals Gap, N.C. where our frinds at the DEALS GAP RESORT offer food, gear, gas, service. pinstriping, housing and food. What more could a rider/driver hope for? Ok, maybe they could ask for a freindly and attractive staff. GOT IT in spades at DEALS GAP MOTORCYCLE RESORT. They also offer some camping area for the more naturalist approach. Great people too, even had one group help me get s shot of Me at the resort. Thanks Folks.


As well, one can gaze uopn the TREE OF SHAME. It is an old, large tree with many different motorcyle and car parts that are left oer from the MANY wrecks that occur on the road each year. Most of the accidents are from being on/in the wrong equipment, idiots that can't handle the road in their substandard cars (Lane crossing) and maniacs(Organ Donors/Body Surfers, I call them) that come from areas that have 11 curves in 318 miles, and attempt to "Slay the Dragon). Today I have my 125th pass over The Dragon (That's 250 up and back) and I am respectful of this road....and fully expect those on it with me to behave on the same way.

Our lives are on the line there folks. It IS FUN, but it is an Angel Maker too. I invite all motorcycle enthusiasts the world over, to come visit and ride with we Hillbillies. I just want to make sure we both make it home at the end of the day.

The views, few that there are, are absolutely smashing. The road surface is impeccable and if you ride the Foothills Parkway down to the lake and enter from that route, you will find an exquisitely fresh paved surface. The foothills Parkway, with it's sweeping curves and high altitude, provide for a great ride and good warm up before hittting the seriousness of THE DRAGON. The new surface also allows one to really lean into the turns because of the excellent traction. Really helps take the edge off those tires if you ride in the flats and staright aways most of the time. Not me. I like'em curvy, whether it be roads or Ladies :o) Y'all come see us and let's get "In The Wind" together.
HB Skip
Skip would also like to thank the TDOT (Tennessee Dept. Of Transportation) for their hardwork, the Tenneesee Highway Patrol and Blount County Sherriff's Dept. for making it safer with all the curiousity drivers up there in the High Mountains today.































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