Dangerous New Machine

Moe and I started out early to this one, as usual. We've learned that it is the only way we can assure ourselves of a timely arrival.


As on most of our road trips, we took an involuntary tour of the local housing projects and and crack dens. We can't tell ya how much the drugs were on that street corner, but we can tell you it costs $10.00 to get the proprietors off the side of your vehicle.


After we accepted the fact that we were "off track" we placed a call to our destination venue (MIDTOWN MUSIC HALL) and they guided us out of "Megiddo" so we could enjoy their diggs and take in the show.


Thanks to all the staff at Midtown and all the great fans and FINE HILLBETTIES in Chattanooga, TN ; we owe you our lives MIDTOWN.











THE SOUTH HAS RISEN; it's risen out of GEORGIA and the resurgence comes in the form of a DANGEROUS NEW MACHINE! What a F%&king great night. Folks, this band is exactly what we look for in an experience. The members are not novices.

They come with major label experience (Stereomud), well polished talent, a commitment to excellence, an awareness of image, and a set of musical "brass knuckles" to smash a dent in your METAL SKULL. The band are all the things we see as "THE RIGHT STUFF".

Each song was had the feel of "fresh energy". You know; that quality and tightness you feel when you drive a brand new exotic sports car. The fan awareness, interaction on stage, and indivudual styles are perfect accessories to the FINE METAL this band produces. I'm sure Moe'll have some bio stuff up too, so you can take my advice and learn more about this group.


We predict you will be hearing more and more as the days go by. We personally found them to be very fan friendly and genuine in their consideration.

If you get the chance to see these guys, I would HIGHLY RECCOMMEND you gettin' yo ass in gear and makin' it to one of their shows.


Oh yeah, check'em out on


as well. I'm no prophet, but I think these guys are gonna be HUGE.




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