Cutthroat Shamrock




Hello again all and great big hairy fuckin' HORNS!!!! I spent my St. Patty's Day at OUR FAVORITE VENUE "THE VALARIUM", with CUTTHROAT SHAMROCK.

This was an awesome show, as usual. The following(fans) and terrific energy that surrounds this bunch is always a very enjoyable experience.

As the story goes, this band STARTED ON ST.PATTY'S DAY, in the mountain town of GATLINBURG, TN. some 6 years ago, now.

The crowd was rowdy, Irish, hardcore, partyin' renegades abd vixens that supplied the MOSH PIT obligatory to all CUTTHROAT SHAMROCK performances. Remember folks, this is by in large, an acoustic outfit.

That you can create a mosh pit with acoustic instruments is an amazing feat. the evening came off without a hitch and the company was very pleseant and in many cases, downright sexy.

Ole Skip's hopin' to spend many more St. Patty's Day in this bands presence and he reccommends you doing the same. (Talkin' about myself in the 3rd party again, scary).

We'd like to take a little time out here to thank THE VALARIUM from the bottom of our hearts for all the help and access they have provided to us over these past few years. Couldn't have done it without ya

Guys and Gals.
Horns Y'all,




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