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Let me preface this review with some context. I am not a CRITIC. I am as much a fan as any person that participates in any crowd, anywhere
in the world. I adore the BANDS and the FANS. You make me live, so read on and enjoy. Am I gushing in my writing; you bet. I am gushing
because it is how I feel about the music and musicians we cover. With that in mind; read on.  

(UN)HOLY SHIT, BATMAN ! I went to CRADLE OF FILTH in Asheville, NC at a great venue known as THE ORANGE PEEL( Social and Pleasure Club).
The events of the evening were not all roses, as my access had not been communicated, but the accommodating and efficient staff at the
venue allowed Ole Skip to speak his piece and prove his credentials and under the circumstances, I could not have asked for more.
Special thanks to C.D. for being so cooperative and allowing me to set the record straight. I would also like to go out and buy about 3 more
sets of lips to kiss ROADRUNNER RECORD'S collective ASS for getting the TWISTED HILLBILLY MAGAZINE where it needed to be to please
the METAL FANS the world over; THANKS! We will NOT forget your efforts and allowances. Also,I wanted to mention Tabby.She was right there
with me every step of the way and she is a true METAL FAN! Not to mention a Killer Hillbetty that will be appearing in our upcoming issue ;) A
side note here to DAVE PYBUS: Tabby is flat out Facinated and , for lack of a better term, IN LOVE with your hardcore METAL ASS. If you're
interested in learning more,  just contact me through the label and I'll get you better informed.

Prior to the show, Dani was gracious enough to speak with me for just a moment and pose for a shot. I told him that we were there to review the
show and that he could expect a very favorable coverage to which he smiled and said "What if we do a shit job?", to which I said, "Good point,
except for the impossiblity of that happening ;)". 
Well, as you can imagine, Cradle took the stage after successfully building the energy in the room to a loud buzz and then, crashed through that
energy like a truck through a cinder block wall with their opening song. If I see this band a thousand times, I will feel the opening rush every time
folks, it's just that real. The preshow is pensive and the stage set, dark and beautiful.The taking of the stage is like a conquest and the ensuing,
"skull crushing", METAL was both awe inspring and thoroughly fulfilling for both the conesieur and the 1000 pound gorilla in us all. This band gave us,
not only what we came for, but exceeded expectation. The play list was representative of the CRADLE people have come to know over the years and
the further incarnation that new FANS are just opening the door to today. I find the diveristy in their material to be very refreshing and a trait that will
keep this group's music from ever being contained in a proverbial "box". The atmosphere of the band and their connection with the crowd was indeed
(Pardon this cliche) "electric". The thing I live for is the time I spend standing in the breach between the performer and the observer and witnessing
that energy pass through me, by me, and around me, (Yes, the photography is very important, but it is not what inspires me to the cause; that would
be all of YOU; the Bands and Fans), and Cradle brought a massively amplified version of that energy into the house in Asheville that night. Forgive
me for this cliche too, but The Hills Were Alive (with the sound of music). (Going ot hell for this one, I bet) For the duration of the show, the band
kept the crowd swirling in a mosh stew and blasted out clean, crisp, brutal BLACK METAL that was, to me, audible, cruel, hateful, ECSTACY!
We left that venue with our heads spining and our necks sore. My only regret is that I was unable to get more shots as I was bangin' my head
uncontrollably, for a bit, during my photography window behind the barricade. Can't help it with CRADLE!
We at the TWISTED HILLBILLY MAGAZINE would like to personally thank Dani and the rest of the band for the experience and wish them all
the best on the rest of the tour.
HillBilly Skip          











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Copyright 2008 Hillbilly Publications. Twisted Hillbilly is a registered trademark.

Copyright 2008 Hillbilly Publications. Twisted Hillbilly is a registered trademark.


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