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Folks this month we would like to introduce you to a fantastic artist and Luthier. Cornbread Banjos makes instruments that are pure works of art. If you play banjo or guitar you should check this guy out. His work is stunning! Check out his bio and pictures below! If you are looking to commission a fantastic instrument you should give him a hollar! Also check out the Twisted Hillbilly Banjo!





've always had an interest in the guitar. I'm a self taught guitarist since the age of sixteen. As well an interest in folk lore; whether it is American, Southern, or Voodoo. Folk lore traditions, stories, artwork and the strange and bizarre things that come from it inspire me in all of my designs. The more strange and bizarre the better.


I originally stumbled upon the idea of making guitars myself after I saw a band " los Duggens" playing a homemade tub bass he made . My first piece was a cookie tin banjo with a Day of the Dead theme. From there I moved onto an actual resonator four string guitar. Something that a blues slide guitarist would be proud to own. I started looking at different instruments, like the banjo and the mandolin. I love the sound that comes from them; that southern and blue grass sound that you can't quite get from any another instrument. After piecing together my first banjo I felt like it was lacking something. It didn't "pop" or express anything about myself. That's where my interest in different folk lore came in and where my hobby turned into a passion and Cornbread Banjos was brought to life.


Every banjo or instrument I create is a playable piece, but more than that it is also an art piece. When I was young I had a talent for being able to draw and sketch. I was inspired growing up by the huge album colection that my Mom and Dad had, all of that artwork I grew up with stuck with me. A talent that has now become of use to me. Every banjo I make, the banjo drum, is completely hand drawn by me. Depending on the theme in mind, I create the banjo around the artwork on the drum. My small one bedroom apartment has literally become my own personal workshop. Besides the original pieces I create; I have also worked on pieces commissioned by others. In my professional career I am a Quality Control Inspector. So while I am making my instruments, I by habit, am very meticulous with the creation of every piece I put together. I take a lot of pride and put a lot of care into the instruments I make. All in the hope that when one does move on to another person, they can be able to display their new piece of folk art knowing it's an original and one of a kind. Or if it is a commissioned piece, that every detail has been made and gone over to meet their expectations.



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