City Weezle


Tale of the Tape:

City Weezle

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Intensity: Metal Fusion Insanity Brilliance!!

Stamina: Musically gifted for the long run!

Usual Suspects:

Simon Fleury

Wrap Sheet:

What happens when you take an Irishman who has lived in Texas and place him in a band in Paris, France ? If you have not gotten the chance in your life to hear City Weezle then it is our pleasure to bring you one of the most musically gifted and different bands you will ever hear. City Weezle plays a metal , fusion, ,psychobilly twisted mix that is sure to be a favorite of avid Twisted Hillbilly Readers. My words can say no more other than to implore you to kick back and listen to the magic that is City Weezle

Moe Hillbilly



City weezle was founded in 2005 by singer,guitarist(Irishman)Simon Fleury.

The bands first move was to hit the studio after only a few rehearsals to record The city weezle EP.

The group has started playing live shows(with a whopper of a set!)in paris and is currently looking for serious management and promotion.The groups goal is to never do the same thing twice and while sometimes having influences from varied artists finding distinct sounds of their own.





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