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If you haven't figured out by now I am fanatical about punk music. An such I have found with a great band from California known as Chaser. These guys are hard in your face old school punk with a crisp sound and biting force. Good old California punk at its finest.


in the fall of 2000, four kids from south Orange County began to create the music that influenced their lives. The original line up of CHASER consisted of Mike LeDonne, the founder and front man of the band, and three mutual friends from high school: AJ Latteri, Josh Millican, and Mike Denning. After Mike Denning left the group, lead singer, Mike LeDonne, picked up the guitar, and things took off from there. CHASER soon began to spread their name and music all across Orange County, LA, San Diego, Riverside, Arizona, and Vegas while their fan base grew rapidly with each show. By the end of 2002, another old friend from school, Nate Warner, was brought into the band to take over rhythm guitar, and leave Mike with just the vocals. With no guitar holding him back, Mike was once again able rock the stage and the crowd. Although CHASER was in need of a lead guitarist, the band remained as a single guitar until 2006, when Cameron Denning (Mike Denning’s younger Brother) joined as Lead Guitarist. Bringing a metal and hardcore edge, the band began incorporating new guitar riffs and melodies that had yet to be discovered or attempted, truly helping to define the evolved sound of CHASER.

In 2006, CHASER released their latest full length album, Numb America, and headed out to Europe in direct support for California locals, Good Riddance. After returning from the European tour, co-founder AJ Laterri announced that he would no longer be playing with CHASER. In search of a new bassist, CHASER called upon an old friend and fan of the band, Jesse Stopnitzky, who brought a new element of bass and backup vocals that were previously missing from the music. While booking all shows and tours DIY, and heavily promoting any show they get booked, they have earned the reputation of being one of the hardest working bands in O.C. by promoters as well as other local bands. While playing energy and emotion filled sets with infectious stage performances, it’s no wonder CHASER is continuing to pack the house at every show they play. The main objective of this band is to let people know that even “With the ever-growing number of bands that fall far from being punk rock, there is definitely still a scene out there and we’re making music to help keep it that way. After all, who’s going to carry on the legacy of those who paved the way for punk rock to exist?”




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