Tale of the Stage:



Location: Orlando, FL


Stamina: Decades

Usual Suspects:

Vocals: Matt
Guitar: Kevin
Guitar: Travis
Bass Guitar: Dan
Drums: Adam


This month our friends at treetcult brought us a great band known as Cethkyn.

This band plays metal to a new extreme. They mix an array of transitions into their songs that have not been awaken since the glory days of metal.

We particularly were hooked by Timeline, which you will hear on our player. This song mixes modern metal with multiple hardcore vocals, and traditional duel metal guitars that bring a wickedly killer transitional song. It will beat you right between the eyes. The song builds and builds until it reaches a fantastic and symphonic metal climax!


I would highly recommend hanging around and checking out the player as you too will be placed under the glorious metal spell of Cethykn. This band will be rising to the ranks of metal lords before our very eyes!

Moe Hillbilly

Cethkyn’s Biography


     The history of Cethkyn began about 8 years ago, with Matt and Kevin starting a 4 piece band in Milwaukee, WI. Originally named Medication, they changed the name to Cethkyn after learning another band shared the same name. Cethkyn is a word that was made up so  that they wouldn’t have to deal with any copyright infringement. During one of the many line up changes in 2004, the then drummer Casey, learned that a friend of his named Adam, had moved to FL, and was looking to start a band. Kevin, Dan, and Casey moved down to Orlando, FL, with Matt staying in Milwaukee to save up for the move. Casey switched over to Guitar, with Adam taking over drumming duties. One year later in 2005, Matt moved down to Orlando, with Casey having to move back to Milwaukee due to personal reasons.

     Writing new material and playing shows, they recorded a couple of demos and were starting to make a name for themselves. One year later, Travis, was just coming home from Iraq, and was looking to get out of the Army, when he contacted Adam about finding a place to live. Adam and Travis had first met while in the Army, starting a punk rock band, and then serving in Iraq together. Adam invited Travis to join the band, hoping to thicken the sound, while offering more diversity. With the final piece to the puzzle in place, and a renewed focus and passion, Cethkyn has been non-stop in trying to forge a scene of honest, intense music.





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