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Brutal Peace


This week we ran across a great band in our travels known as Brutal Peace. With an old thrash style that shakes the muscles loose in my neck, the sounds are heavy and per name sake Brutal.

The ensuing whiplash is wonderful and the band has once again inspired me in my quest for metal.

Brutal Peace is in fact skull shattering with crisp biting guitars and quick rolling drums backed by a viscous vocal I simply have not found a reason why any metal head worth his salt would not like them.

Aggressive, over torqued, in your face, slap your own mama, and grab your handle bars metal is what you will find!

So get ready for some wicked hardcore in your face don't come crying to your mama metal! I promise you will enjoy Brutal Peace !

Moe Hillbilly

About Brutal Peace:

Brutal Peace was formed in the early 90's by former top LA metal band's (Stone Soldier) guitarist Dan Sindel. Dan recruited the hard hitting drum skills of Lonny Pasillas and they created a slamming, no frills hardcore musical foundation. Bassist Travis Johnson was soon brought in to complete the power trio and the underground classic "Above and Beyond" 3 song demo was recorded in Aug of 1995 by Scott Sargeant (M.O.D/Lazz Rockit)


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